Wild Waves and the Expansive Ocean

Seascape photographer Rachael Talibart is well-known for her critically acclaimed photographs of the ocean and coast, which have been featured in the press across the globe. 

The Painted Water series is a testament to Rachael’s talent as a photographer with the ability to capture an exquisite shot at the perfect moment. Although focusing on the same subject each time, her work is never repetitive and there is a fluidity to her photographs that radiates despite the stillness of the medium.

Preferring to photograph stormy weather, the result is a collection of wild and moody images that display the wave’s strength. 

Having spent much of her early childhood at sea, Rachael’s life-long fascination for the ocean can be seen in her work as she has a very unique ability to connect with and portray the coast and tides. Racheal captures the expansiveness of the ocean, at once bringing together wild, unruly energy and solitude and peace.