Mystery and Minimalism in Digital Art

Fikri Amanda Abubakar is a visual artist based in Jakarta, capturing our attention through a minimalist aesthetic. Fikri’s work exists at the intersection of realism and fantasy and boasts a range of possibilities. 

His artistic talent is revealed through the variety in his style, composition and colour palette. In some instances, we are met with pastel skies interjected with bold pinks and purples, in other works the images are filled with deep, leafy greens and in some cases he opts for more subdued and subtle nude tones. 

Fikri alludes to a world full of possibility, where boundaries are transgressed and viewers are never short of excitement, with images interrupted by flaming umbrellas or isolated, floating clouds. ‘State of Mind’ is an instagram caption he used in a recent post and we spoke with him to find out a little more about the mind behind his work…

THE PLUS: Where do you seek inspirations or references? 

Fikri Amanda Abubakar: Mainly I draw inspiration from nature, classical visual arts, painting, photography and also music.

TP: What are your main tools for creating these visuals?

FA: The main tool of my work is the computer, I use software like Cinema 4D and Redshift for rendering.

TP: Some of your latest images contain this dark/dark green tone, any reasons behind it?

FA: I love colours and I could not describe the rational process that leads me to choose the colours I use in my works.

TP: Reality VS fantasy, which side influences your work more?

FA: I don’t make much distinction between what is fantasy and what is real. The only thing I try to do is let my unconscious and my heart bring out my inner world in a spontaneous and sincere way.

TP: Your images are mysterious, we feel you’re mysterious too! Could you tell us just a bit more about yourself?

FA: I am a photographer and architecture student. I live and work in Jakarta. 

TP: Any big plans coming up?

FA: Every day is a new challenge that begins and I have several plans. The simplest is to share and spread my works with as many people as possible around the world. 

My works are exclusively available worldwide at Secret Art Ltd. London