Studio Razavi Surpasses Expectations with This Apartment

Adopting a minimalist style with a twist in their 2019 renovation, Studio Razavi lets Apartment XVII speak for itself. Rather than overpowering the home with excessive decoration, the architects adopted a less-is-more approach with the furnishings, complimented by a pleasing teal, black and grey colour scheme. 

The home was originally built in the 16th century and is part of an impressively preserved Renaissance neighbourhood in the city of Lyon, France. Part of its’ appeal includes the original features of the build; two massive stone fireplaces, oversized oak beams, and 14 foot high ceilings.

Room-wise, the home consists of a single bedroom and ensuite bathroom, a living room, kitchen and dining room and an additional guest bathroom. After being left untouched for 60 years, the apartment was in need of refurbishment, and the new owner requested that Studio Razavi would help him to achieve a serene living environment.  

During the design process, Studio Razavi relied primarily on a single material and a restricted colour palette, which accounts for the consistency of atmosphere throughout the home.

In the kitchen, the sea-green tiles match the cabinets below, separated by a darker shade of green tiles, creating a feeling of fluidity. The modern tiling stands out against the traditional beige, brown fireplace built-into the wall of the open plan dining area. The curved archway (a motif used both in genuine doorways between rooms and as a design painted on the walls) also add to this uniformity and flow which runs throughout the home. 

The minimalist influence when constructing the renovated space can also be seen in the choice of furniture, with NIX aesthetically pleasing chairs and the W table from Spanish chair designers CAPDELL enhancing the living room. Apartment XVII exudes a calm, peaceful feel, complimented by an edgy, modern-warehouse element facilitated by the rough plasterwork.

Location: Lyon (France)
Area: 80 m² (861 SF)
Client: Private
Photography: Simone Bossi

 Sofa: Muuto
 Low table: Pianca
 Armchairs: Vitra
 Pouf: Arper
 Rug: Hay
 Dining table: Capdell
 Chairs: Capdell
 Bed: Pianca
 Coat hanger: Muuto

 Dining room suspended lamp: Vibia
 Bedroom suspended lamps: Vibia
 Bedside sconces: Vibia
 Corridor and bathroom ceiling light: Foscarini
 Bathroom sconces: Vibia
 Living room lamps: Flos

 Handles: Formani
 Tiling: Mirage
 Plumbing fixtures: Roca
 Radiators: LVI
 Electrical fixtures: Schneider
 Millwork: Valchromat
 Bathroom fixtures: Roca