Architectural Photography Showcasing Everyday Beauty

Working at the intersection of music videos, film directing and minimalist photography Rupert Höller boasts exceptional artistic skills and an impressive diversity in style, aesthetic and vision. 

His work speaks to themes of minimalism and escapism; expressed through his distinct yet effortless use of composition and colour. Rupert’s work is playful and varies in subject – though he often returns to familiar subjects including unusual architectural structures, trees and blue skies. 

There is a calming feel to his photography, which on first appearance brings to mind Hockney’s ‘A Bigger Splash’ with the California palm trees, pastel pink, bold blue and vivid yellow. After spending more time with Rupert’s work the expansiveness of his creative vision becomes clear, demonstrated in his portraiture photography.

Rupert masters the art of minimalism; the bold colours and varying content sparks our intrigue while the simplicity and skilled use of geometric shapes and lines leaves enough space to engage our imagination.