Feel Peace and Serenity in the Cloud-filled Skies

Photographer and artist Matias Alonso Revelli first began experimenting with the camera in 2011. Since then, he has become renowned and adored for his dream-like, irreplicable shots of the natural world and cityscapes. His preferred subjects include; clouds, the moon and the sun, the sky, flowers, waterfalls and other aspects of nature.

He successfully captures moments of beauty throughout the day that most of us would simply let pass by; turning these moments into art. With candy floss pinks and pastel blues, paired with vibrant hues of orange and dark yellow, Matias portrays the duality of the soft and delicate, yet fierce and demanding elements of the natural world.

Experimenting with pixellation and layering, Matias succeeds in transporting the viewer into a hallucinatory state, his followers often comment that the images remind them of being on a ‘mushroom-induced trip.’

He explains that the editing process is the part which allows him to be most creative, and some of his photographs are heavily edited and appear fantastical, while others appear to have little editing work at all. This keeps his audience intrigued, and shows how the camera can help to blur the lines between fantasy and reality.

THE PLUS: What role does photography serve for you in your daily life?

Matias Alonso Revelli: Photography is everything to me, it is not just my work but my passion!

TP: What made you get into photography and are there any other mediums you have tried or would like to try?

MAR: I started with photography a year after finishing school. At the time, I had no idea what to do with my life and stumbled into it, and I am more than happy that I did. I would love to experiment with painting more.

TP: Is there any specific reason why you were drawn photograph the sky, clouds and nature?

MAR: It just happened organically, there’s not much to photograph where I live other than clouds.

TP: A lot of your photographs are taken in your home town in Buenos Aires. Did your upbringing there influence your work?

MAR: I take most of my pictures from the backyard where I used to play as a kid. Other than that, I don’t think there’s a relation between my upbringing and my work – at least not consciously.

TP: Looking at your photos elicits a calming, serene effect. Is that intentional?

MAR: Yes, I always say that I use my work to escape reality, it’s my way of being at peace even if it is for a brief moment.

TP: Can you tell us something about the editing process involved in your work?

MAR: All of my pictures go through the same process, lightroom for colour and then photoshop, this is the part I really enjoy because is where I can be most creative.

TP: How do you think the role of photography is changing in the digital age?

MAR: I think photography is always going to be an important element in our lives, no matter the time or place. But speaking specifically to this moment, the fact that anybody can create a piece of art with their phone or even document a unique event – to me that is truly amazing.

TP: How do you see your work evolving in the future? Tell us a little bit more about yourself.

MAR: I’m actually struggling with that because I have no idea where my work is going right now. I’m a 27 year old photographer, I’m not really good with words and I guess that’s why I choose to express myself through photography.