Immersive Art; Visual Art Like Never Before

Throughout 2019, we’ve seen an increase in the popularity of immersive art. The trend has caught on for a myriad of reasons…it’s fun, captivating, and stimulating. Changes and improvements in technology have been a crucial influence for paving the way of immersive art.

Discover some of our favourite artists and features from this past year. These artists take risks that propel their art above and beyond.

Ha:ar x BILLUR: Poisonous Soul
Cutting-Edge Video Created Using Extensive CGI Skills


“Assisting one another, we inevitably share ideas related to the work in question and
learn many things about the technique the other one put to use.”
-Arda Yalkin

Design collective, Ha:ar create a music video for BILLUR’s new song, using cutting-edge computer generated imaging. The duo combine their individual skill-sets to create unique visual art we’ve unlike anything we’ve ever seen before.

Music Video Masterpiece
Out of This World Digital Art and Sensational Music Create a Music Video Masterpiece


“They have their own personality in some way, we may connect to them, yet they are
not like our conception of what a human being is.”
-Alexy Prefontaine

Alexy Prefontaine uses seamless digital art skills to create an incredible music video for Dillon Nathaniel and Jack Beats. His creation has a pleasing-pastel colour palette, and uses sexual innuendos as a source of inspiration.

Tides of Time
This Hypnotic Audiovisual Artwork Sweeps You away in Time


“We were playing with ways of visualizing processes that are defined by the passing
of time; natural rhythms such as birth and decay, day and night and the constant
cycle of the tides.”
-Will Jarvis

The London-based studio, Panoply, teamed up with Copenhagen sound studio, Human Robot Soul, to bring to life Tide. This project deepens our meserization with audiovisuals, and challenges our senses.

Lights, Camera… Fungus
This Audiovisual Work is an Artist’s Vision of Life’s Smallest Scales


“Urges in the undergrowth. Erupting fungal fantasies. Bursting botanicals…the dust
and desires of a tiny alternative universe. Imagining the sensations of attraction and
pleasure in insects, and the seduction methods of the plants and fungi that beckon.”
-Emily Scaife

London-based animator, Emily Scaife combines biology and art through audiovisuals. Emily captures moments of the World’s smallest particles in a shockingly beautiful manner.

Identity: Max Cooper x Eugene Pylinsky
This Powerful Music Video is an Audiovisual Monument of the Twenty-First Century Zeitgeist


“During my process of isolation to look inward for the basis of the album, I became
increasingly aware of the constructs we live inside, the fables we tell ourselves about
who we are and the systems which create us.”

For his album, One Hundred Billion Sparks, Max Cooper teamed up with Ukraine-based motion designer Eugene Pylinsky. Eugene’s visuals challenge the make-up of our body as we know it, and the many distractions we face daily.

Expanding Experimental Film
Mesmerising Video Pairs Drone Videography with Motion Graphics


“I got my first video camera – a Sony video 8. I saw the environment more through
the viewfinder of the camera than in reality. I took it everywhere with me and used it
to sketch ideas and make experiments.”
-Dirk Koy

Experimentation is a fundamental piece of innovation. Swiss experimental filmmaker, Dirk Koy, combines new techniques and seasoned knowledge to create his work, LUFTRAUM.