Barcelona Based Visual Artist Tells Multi-Faceted Stories Through Illustrations

Storytelling is an art which can be truly mastered by few. Illustrator and visual artist, Ulises Mendicutty, has become a master of storytelling, through visual art, over the past 10 years. Majority of this Barcelona-based artist’ work consists of illustrated characters and conveys their complex emotions.

“My work is a reflection of life in the city, and my feelings.”

– Ulises Mendicutty

Ulises’ work is unique and extremely personal. He illustrates his own vision of living in Barcelona, telling the story of how he views and experiences life, and the overall influence of the city on his perception and his art. Perhaps one of Ulises’ most favourite aspects about creating art is that his illustrations can be interpretted, perceived and appreciated differently by everyone who looks at them.

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THE PLUS: Hi Ulises! How long have you been working in the art sphere?

Ulises Mendicutty: Since 4 years ago I decided to leave my other job to dedicate myself completely to creating, as of two years ago, I make sure to dedicate 100% of my time to this.

TP: Why pink?

UM: I usually draw sad people, I draw dramas and pink makes them less intense, in many cases it gives them a touch of irony. It is also a beautiful color, the tones you use can greatly modify the message you want to convey. Pink represents me.

TP: Are there other colours that you love?

UM: I love black, in everyday life is the color I use more.

TP: If you had to pinpoint it, what’s your number one source of inspiration?

UM: I’d say music. For me the music, even the most superficial, speaks of the time in which we live, of regions, of people, of feelings. It always inspires me.

TP: Favourite medium?

UM: I love experimenting and what fills me the most is painting in huge formats, but for convenience, I find myself very connected to digital media. I love Procreate, it has made my life easier.

TP: Is there anything else you’d like to tell us?

UM: Another thing that inspires me, and that is always important to say for companionship and professionalism, are my fellow artists. I would like to invite you to know the work of Genie Espinosa, Maremoto, Joan X Vazquez, Be Fernandez, Pabs and Nando Vibas who for me are inexhaustible sources of inspiration.