A Visual Trip Around the Sun through Aerial Photography and Gastronomy

Travelling is an essential part of life for many, a luxury for some, and a rarity for others. As 2019 comes to a close, we’ve curated a unique list of visual tours, including aerial photography and cafe tours to satisfy your travel cravings for the year.


Australian Salt Mines
This Aerial Photography Series Flies You Above Western Australia’s Most Stunning Salt Mines


“The salt flats in Western Australia are very unique in terms of colour and shape, and I wanted to show a new perspective on this topic.”
-Tom Hegen

Tom’s salt mine series explores colour and turquoise waters with an experimental factor: these photos were shot from a small aeroplane rather than a drone.

First Light on the Islands
Aerial Photographer Captures Seychelles Archipelago at Dawn


“As I wanted to capture the coastline from a very near distance, I was optimally equipped with a proper drone. The reason for the low altitude was to give the viewer a closer relationship to the subject.”
-Kevin Krautgartner

Award winning photographer, Kevin Krautgarner captures the coastline of The Seychelles.
Transport to The Seychelles through Kevin’s mesmerizing aerial photographs.

A Red Planet in a Parallel Reality
These Aerial Photographs Document Early Stages of Planetary Colonisation


“One of the essential questions that will drive humanity in the future: What comes
after our existence on Planet Earth?”
-Johannes Heuckeroth

In his series, Red Planet, designer and photographer Johannes Heuckeroth combines his fascination with space and science-fiction with photography.

Watercolours of Warsaw
These Watercolour Cityscapes Put a Colourful Spin on Surrealism


“I want my cityscapes to be happy, vigorous and full of life. I believe that these kinds
of colours and strong contrasts give a powerful and magical character.”
-Tytus Brzozowski

Artist, Tytus Brzozowski’s utopian watercolours turn Warsaw into a vibrant dream. Discover how Tytus brings Warsaw to life with his unique watercolour technique and style.

Coffee Walk: Paris
Live Like a Local in Your Bespoke Collection of Parisian Cafes


Travel to Paris and discover the city through its eclectic cafes. Here, we feature a coffee walk to some of our favourite finds, from take-away favourites to dine-in and unwind spaces.

Coffee Walk: Berlin
These Berlin Cafes Are Sanctuaries for Coffee and Design Enthusiasts Alike


Travel to Berlin and live like a local through its charming selection of unique coffee shops. If you’re a coffee enthusiast, a trip to Berlin is sure to be well spent. Enjoy our feature of the various coffee shops that caught our eye.