All About the Aesthetic; Soothing Favourites

Throughout the year, one trend we’ve noticed is an interest and demand for abstract art, surrealism, and retro collages; it’s all about the aesthetic and imagination. We’ve compiled some of our favourite works and articles from this past year. Enjoy!

Empowerment Through Abstract Art
This Artist Paints your Mixed Emotions through Vibrant Colour


“I love how abstract expressionism can create such a variety of visual and emotional impact through intuitive colour compositions and shapes, without having to be representational.”
-Deniz Altug

Dive into Deniz Altug’s world of colour and abstract expressionism. Together with Deniz, we explore the depths of abstract art, and how certain mixes of colour make us feel.

Portraiture, In Full Bloom
Photographer Ronny Garcia Channels his Colourful Fantasies into Perfectly Planned Portraits


“Many things inspire my portraits, but I can tell that the common subject within them is fantasy and surrealism.”
-Ronny Garcia

Explore Ronny’s fantastic portraits, mixing elements of reality and surrealism.

The Unlikely Universe
Mooncrab’s Visual World is the Absurd Paradise You’ve Been Waiting to Explore


“I think I have always been somewhat inspired by the art used in spiritual and
mythical senses, like horoscopes and tarot for example.”

Emma Rodriguez, aka Mooncrab, has a unique style that caught our attention! Mooncrab’s work features natural landscapes intertwined with everyday objects, fusing pop-art with nature.

Digital Minimalism in the Not-so-Cloudless Sky
David Stenbeck’s Neon Surreal Art is Pure Escapism


“Clouds are, sometimes, the closest we get to the nebulae in space, making it a
suitable poetic emblem for what is beyond our reach.”
-David Stenbeck

Escape reality with David Stenbeck’s neon-surreal art. David’s work fuses nature, such as cloudy skies and sunsets, with graphic art elements to create a one-of-a-kind aesthetic.

Nostalgic Surrealism
This Artist Serves Us Contemporary Surrealism with a Nostalgic Twist


“For me, surrealism is playing with that illogical way of seeing things-different
perceptions and interpretations.”
-Bruno Baraldi

Dive into a dream work with Bruno Baraldi’s contemporary-surrealist creations. Let your imagination wander, and feel inspired by his romantic creations

The Nature of the Impossible
Surreal Digital Artist Justin Peters Turns Your Reality into his Imagination


“I’ve written down or sketched nearly 100 ideas and different combinations of objects,
and I’m always thinking about new concepts everyday and everywhere.”
-Justin Peters

Justin Peters’ mentality is proof that there are always ideas to generate and art to create. Take a peek into Justin’s world, that combines elements of reality and the imagination.