Styling Career Turned into Dream Job Overnight

Fashion illustration artist Daria Stephenson, from North West England, began her career as a fashion stylist in Moscow. At the beginning of her career she found herself freelancing, and loved the flexibility. She always knew she wanted to work in fashion, but after a bit of playing around with pencils and markers, she shifted her focus towards fashion illustration.

“When I need inspiration I hop on the train and go to London for a few days. I walk around and sketch in coffee shops. I usually have my sketchbook and pens with me ready!”
– Daria Stephenson


We met up with Daria to find out some more about her illustrations and inspirations!

THE PLUS: Daria, It’s so nice to meet you. Tell us a fun fact about yourself!
Daria Stephenson:
Hello and thanks for having me! My husband and I have an extremely pampered sweet Newfoundland Coco! If I had to choose three things which make me happy it would be sketching, traveling and Italian food.

TP: We see that you originally worked as a stylist in the fashion sphere. How did you
start fashion illustration?
I still remember the first time I took out my pencils and markers… I ended up sketching for two days! After one week I had created a full month’s content plan for my creative Instagram account. It’s been two years since and I feel like everything is going right.


TP: What does your process look like?
When I’m sketching for a client I usually prefer to work from my office at home. It is a
mess, but I love the coziness! With my favourite music and candles, I honestly could stay there forever.

TP: People or things?
Both! I truly can get inspiration from anything. It doesn’t matter with its an interesting film character or a beautiful pair of shoes – the inspiration is still there.


TP: Black and white or colour?
My favourite stage of the sketching process is when the piece is lined but not coloured. I love black and white graphics a lot. I definitely would paint everything black and white if I had the option to!

TP: Is there anything else you’d like to tell us about yourself or your work?
I was always up to sketching but had doubts because I don’t have an art or design
education. Now I understand that it is not always necessary. If you have a passion for
something then don’t be afraid and start it! At the end of the day there are no mistakes in