Out of This World Digital Art and Sensational Music Create a Music Video Masterpiece

The last time we spoke with Alexy Préfontaine, we uncovered his world of extra terrestrial beings with human feelings. Préfontaine’s fascination with the other-worldly certainly hasn’t died down, and neither has our own fascination with him!

“They have their own personality in some way, we may connect to them, yet they are not like our conception of what a human being is.”
– Alexy Préfontaine

Although we are intrigued by Préfontaine’s fascination with the other-worldly, we are most impressed with his undeniable talent, and ability to create seamless digital art. His most recent creation is the official music video, Mind Sensation, for Dillon Nathaniel and Jack Beats.

We had a chat with Préfontaine to learn more about Mind Sensation. Enjoy!

THE PLUS: Hi Alexy. The last time we spoke with you, we had asked you about your fascination with extra-terrestrial- looking beings in your work. In the official music video you created for Dillion Nathaniel and Jack Beats’ Mind Sensation, we see your you seem to have the same fascination with these figures. Can you tell us more about what intrigues you about them, or the topic of extra-terrestrial beings in general?
Alexy Prefontaine:
I think it’s a result of the tools I use haha. I have a software that I only use to pose and animate these figures. Because I don’t want my characters to fall into the uncanny valley, I try to make them look like extra-terrestrial beings as much as I can. That way, I have so much freedom with the colors and textures I can use for these characters, and they end up evoking something pretty interesting. They have their own personality. In some way, we may connect to them, yet they are not like our conception of what a human being is. They also have been such a huge part of my style and body of work that I always love bringing them into some of the client work I do.


TP: The colours of this video are extremely pastel, millennial pink, and purple. You also play around with rose golds, and metallics…what do these colours/ tones represent for you?
The color palette I used for this video is literally my favorite. They are calm and they blend well together in my opinion. At one point, my work was exclusively made using a palette of pink, blue, and purple, so it feels to me like this is the 2.0 version of the palette I would use back in the days. What’s interesting with it is that it creates an interesting contrast with these colors when the subject presented is somewhat striking or weird.


TP: This music video is extremely creative and abstract. Where were you drawing your inspiration from for this particular project?
Thank you so much! Based on the artist’s brief I received before working on the project, I decided to use sexual innuendos as a source of inspiration to create most of the scenes in the video. It’s not that much in your face, but it’s still there. The concept was really close to being discarded by the management, but I convinced them it would be subtle enough to be tongue-in-cheek and still yet visually pleasing. My work is usually focused around creating these characters, so when I had to create the more abstract scenes, I was inspired by the work of great artists like Peter Tarka or Honear!

TP: The video features many different textures, materials, shapes, and objects. Can you tell us a bit more about how you choose what to feature?
So far, what I liked to do in the music videos I’ve made for Dillon was to make sure not to repeat myself too much. Therefore, I tried to create as many different ideas as I could. Before working on the actual 3D for the video, I sketched all the ideas that came to my mind directly on paper. That way, I could see if the compositions and ideas were worth a shot. Overall, there’s not that much selection going on. Scene-wise, I used as much as I could, as long as I was confident in the visuals, and usually I kept it simple when it came to colours,textures and shapes. I would create a universe for the music videos by limiting the colours used and also by hand picking a small amount of textures that would be used extensively during the video. By doing so, I ended up having a very cohesive feel for all the scenes I produced, even though the subjects were not always the same.


TP: What did your overall process look like when creating this project? What was it like creating visuals to Nathaniel and Beats’ song?
I think I partly answered this in the previous question, but essentially, I would first begin by creating a moodboard with visual inspiration for the videos. Then, I’d do some sketching sessions to find all my ideas for the visuals. That truly helped because it was much faster than going straight to 3D. When the sketches were done, I’d then replicate some of my strongest drawings in 3D in order to create styleframes to show Dillon and his team. Once the direction was approved, I’d then create the rest of the styleframes and do a rough cut by placing those stills onto the beat, to have a better idea of what the music video could look like. The last step was to animate those scenes and refine the pacing of the videos!

It was quite an experience to create visuals to their song. I don’t listen to that genre usually so it was a challenge to find what could fit on that vibe. Since the songs are usually quite repetitive and more focussed on creating a buildup, I had to make sure the visuals’ intensity was on par with the song’s steady pacing and energy. When there were substantial shifts in the song, I felt like I needed to arrange my cuts accordingly to those changes. Overall, it was quite a nice experience. Dillon and his team were putting trust in me and gave me a lot of freedom creatively, so these videos sort of became a playground for me!

TP: Do you have any exciting plans or projects that you’d like to share with us?
I am currently completing my last year of university! I plan on being a full-time freelance artist when I graduate so I will spend some time in the following year to work on my first short film hopefully. That would be rad! Other than that, I have some new visuals that I will be able to share with you all soon.