This Photographer Captures our Favorite Places, Candy Coated with Millennial Pink

If you have a sweet tooth, look no further than Photographer, Ludwig Favre. Favre was born just outside of Paris, yet has always had a fascination with the United States as he explained to us in a previous interview. He is experienced in visual curation for a variety of different media.

Whilst admiring Favre’s collections, we couldn’t help but notice the commonality of candy-coloured tones among his work. The combination of candy-coloured tones, youthfulness, and even dream-like scenery in his portfolio caught our eye.


Favre’s collections encourage us to step outside our comfort zones, and reminds us to embrace the innocence and playfulness of our inner-child! Each of Favre’s collections are unique, fun, and captivating in their own way.

We were curious as to why Ludwig Favre, favours a world of candy-colours, after chatting with him, it’s become apparent. Enjoy!

THE PLUS: The last time we talked to you, you had just completed a series on Basketball Courts across New York City. How did you decide to focus on California amusement parks?
Ludwig Favre:
I travel from east to west the united states and amusement parks are very present in the united states disneyland universal studio, I had already realized a series on the. Santa Cruz park is in. this continuity that I realized this series in Los Angeles.

TP: What was the significance in choosing California as your destination?
It is a state that I particularly like because of its landscapes and its climate, the presence of the sea is also very important for me.The architecture and history of a city like Los Angeles or Palm Springs make its places very photogenic places. moreover, California is one of the most present places in movies or series that rock my childhood.


TP: We’ve noticed a common candy-coloured tone among your work…what draws you to these colours?
I like pastel colors as well as azur blues I like working on these tone that express in a certain way the time that passes and a nostalgic side.

TP: For the Spring Colors, Spain collection, it seems like you primarily focused on depicting buildings with clear, geometric architecture. Could you tell us a bit more about your technique in photographing buildings in this way?
I focus enormously on my subjects and I look for angles of view that can highlight my subject, I also play with the shadows to have interesting reliefs.


TP: Did you have as much fun capturing these photographs as it seems? Did you enjoy one location more than the others?
I liked doing this series because it allowed me to go around the attractions also I loved santa monica pier. which is a place of entertainment in the city in front of the sea.

TP: The candy-coloured tones of these projects seem to mainly channel Spring and Summer vibes. Do you have any plans for the remainder of Autumn and Winter?
Yes. I will definitely go to Scotland, but also in Asia and maybe in the Islands of the Caribbean.

TP: What destinations do you want to check off your bucket list next?
Australia, New Zealand, Vietnam…














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