Your New Career as a Graphic Designer Starts with this Book

“How many ways are there of saying ‘hello’?”
– Graphic Design Play Book

With graphic design, it turns out: a lot.


Starting with this simple premise, Graphic Design Play Book: An Exploration of Visual Thinking is avowedly and humbly what it says it is.

The product of a collaboration between two Paris-based graphic designers, Aurélien Farina and Sophie Cure, and Laurence King Publishing, it makes perfect easy-going fun for anyone curious in trying their hand at graphic design.


Consisting of a dose of creative exercises in four main categories (typography, posters, signs, identity), Aurélien and Sophie guide you through a series of open-ended creative exercises in visual thinking. Right from the get-go they have you stuck in, making modular letters, completing unfinished posters and making your own stories out of pictograms.

In the pages below, embrace new design possibilities, learn new ways of thinking outside the box and try a new creative pursuit in a no-judgement environment. To make things even easier, we’ve selected some of our favourite exercises for you.


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