Selection of Bright Brussels Most Captivating Installations

Brussels’s sky is flooded with colour while music and people flow through its streets. For three consecutive nights, the Bright Brussels – Festival of Lights makes an illuminating spectacle out of the heart of the Belgian capital.


This year’s festival boasts a route of a dozen captivating artistic and interactive light installations that run through the city’s historic centre. If you plan to attend this year’s festival, here are some of the installations you won’t want to miss.

Cathedral of Light

Walk through the arched tunnel illuminated by tens of thousands of LED lights, and be prepared to marvel at the golden lights surrounding you. The Cathedral of Light, designed by Mandylight, physically draws inspiration from the arched windows found in historic churches. The designer intends for the installation to draw people out of the darkness and towards the metaphorical light, much like an actual church.



Chromacity offers a totally immersive experience. Visitors are invited to walk through a small side street that has been completely transformed by lights, fog, and sound. Thick smoke fills the ally and lasers, accompanied by sound, move back and forth – highlighting the beautiful and thick fog in the light. This installation, designed by JJMA, is more than just a light show. The designer intended the audience to discover Brussels in a new way, through a different dimension.



Snow Glow

Admire the twinkling lights that fill the entire plaza at this installation titled, Snow Glow. The installation, created by Spectaculaires, is true to its name— as multiple disco-ball snowmen dazzle and sparkle creating a surrealist atmosphere. This attraction plunges the audience into coloured dots, reminiscent of snow or confetti. You won’t want to leave or take your eyes off of the beauty that this installation creates.


Enluminures Celestes

If you are looking for jaw-dropping, stunning visuals look no further than the Enluminures Celestes light show. Designed by Ad Lib, you will see neon colours and patterns completely cover a 17th century Flemish Baroque church, right in the heart of Brussels. The projection plays along with electronic beats as the church is transformed and dismantled by lights of all sorts. The theme of this piece is the change from black and white to colour, from heritage to modernity. The video mapping plays with the architecture of the building and makes the whole thing very immersive.


Behind the Scenes

Behind the Scenes, created by 254Forest, is an interactive installation that allows onlookers to discover live filmmaking. A long hall of plastic allows visitors to walk through and see the projection of the shadows of others, almost very cinematically. Visitors can be actors caught up in the lights of the cinematographic machinery, or spectators watching the action unfold before them. It’s easy to get distracted here and spend numerous hours playing along with other people’s shadows.



Be transported back to the wintery wonderland of your childhood while seeing this installation. NJÖRD, created by TETRO and Wecomeinpeace, is a light installation that performs a ballet of light and feathers in a mysterious sanctuary and amazes visitors for a magical moment. Illuminating the square between Quai au Bois à Brûler and Quai aux Briques, this installation creates a magical atmosphere opposite Saint Catherine’s church. The whirlwind of feathers and beautiful music combine to make something right out of a fantasy.


Light Connector

This interactive light installation is does exactly as the name suggests. Designed by Ocubo, Light Connector is an interactive floor installation that allows the public to embark on a sensory journey, recharging people with energy though its playfulness. Step onto the floor and immediately gain a circle around your feet which follows you around and spontaneously connects you to other people. This art piece strengths connections and enables interaction between friends, family, and strangers alike. You’ll leave this installation with new found friends.


Exhibiting across the Belgian capital, Bright Brussels is a free event, open to all, that runs from 14th to 17th February 2019.