Top Design Stories from 2018

2018’s been quite a year for the design world. Whether you like London-pavement inspired solutions to natural lighting in urban homes, whether it’s four-ton rocks balanced on cantilevers in a home in the hills of Maharashtra that takes your fancy, or if you’re more of a traditional Japanese home turned renovated minimalist interior type person, you’ll find something you like in this year’s best stories.


Bridge House
Design Picks1
“The atmosphere is very calming and relaxing: you can hear the water, see the surrounding forests, and the trees which cross the roof. It feels like the house has been standing for a long time, as though it is an integral part of the place.”
Marius Vroblevičius

Bridge House is a refined and modern home which blends in seamlessly with its surrounding nature. By integrating natural features into its design and carefully constructing the house around its pre-existing landscape, ArchLAB indeed makes Bridge House “an integral part of the place.”

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Tama’s Tee Home
Design Picks2
“To design with a humanist approach is to aim for your designs to be ‘The Architecture of Happiness.’ That is to say, architects should embrace the idea of how their designs affect those who come into contact with them physically and psychologically, rather than being preoccupied by form, materials and professional trends.”
Raffaello Rosselli

Tama’s Tee Home is located on a beachy suburb in Sydney, Australia, but this is no ordinary beach house. Luigi Rosselli Architects designed this unipod building atop a solid and reusable house, creating a stunning structure that will survive for ages on the seaside.
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Design Picks3
“I find minimalist design an inseparable part of the design world. Our modern lifestyle is intense and colourful, and there is an important place for the silence minimalism brings to our lives.”
Yael Perry

Yael Perry renovated this Tel-Aviv Apartment with minimalism in mind, but added a spectacular splash of colour. When light shines through the frosted glass of the shower, the apartment is bathed in a gentle red glow. Appropriately titled RED, Yael adds a refreshing new twist to classical minimalist design.

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Perf House
Design Picks4
“We were very happy with the results. The space is visually dynamic with movement and texture. This compact house is the perfect fit for a small family or couple.”
Andy Martin

For this renovated Georgian House, Andy Martin Architects were sure to use only the most carefully selected materials. The completed design maximises natural light for an airy, elegant and refined look and feel.

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Design Picks5
“Our buildings should be like a habitable topography. Not every function needs a rectangular shaped room… it should be like an adventure or an experience. Every day should be like a small holiday.”
ad2 architekten

The irregular folds and geometric structure of CoMED not only make it an appetising visual experience, but a dream to live in. CoMED is the perfect showcase for ad2 architekten’s award-winning architecture style.

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Red Rocks
Design Picks6
“The first emotions visitors experience is intrigue. You come up to a heavy limestone wall with a cantilevered roof soaring above, plants spilling over it, and a pattern metal gate hinting at what’s beyond… The second emotion is awe, as the view is framed out towards the mountain and city beyond.”
Calvin Costello

This Arizona home is renovated from the client’s original house. The design’s open, spacious feel and careful use of limestone, raw concrete, and walnut complement its location in the Arizona mountains perfectly.

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House in Sakura
Design Picks7
“I could have erased all the memories of this house and made everything new. If I did, this space would have lost its depth. So I chose not to do that. I learned that within a living space, memory is the most precious material — more than any kind of physical material.”
Naoyuki Tokuda

When tasked with renovating a traditional home in Sakura, Chiba Prefecture, Japan, Naoyuki Tokuda thought long and hard about how to preserve original elements while updating the house. The result is a seamless transition between old and new, and stunning in its simplicity.

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The Atlantic Pavilion
Design Picks8
“It is a timeless architecture. The Atlantic Pavilion is a revival of the brutalist movement combined with reality and current knowledge.”
Valdemar Coutinho

This sports pavilion designed for Viana de Castelo is indeed a brutalist masterpiece. The striking exterior complete with the sleek interior ensure the the building is not only aesthetically pleasing, but functional.


The Soaring Rock
Design Picks9
“Experimentation is key to new ideas and production of special atmospheres. However, restraint, wisdom and knowledge of the long term effects of what you produce are paramount.”
Sangeeta Merchant and Sanjeev Panjabi

The Soaring Rock manages to both maximise its own aesthetic appeal while showcasing the beauty of its location in the Maharashtra region of India. Its panoramic views and expansive layout work to give inhabitants the best of both worlds: indoors and outdoors.


Impetus Café
Design Picks 10
“In Impetus, it’s all about supreme quality and total customer experience. All design elements were designed to enhance the experience.”
Susana López Gónzalez

The open, airy design of Impetus Café of Veracruz, Mexico, creates an atmosphere where enjoyment of coffee meets comfort. Designed with the customer experience in mind, Impetus is a tempting place to spend an afternoon, or several.