Minimalist Photographer Captures Soothing Golden Hour Hues

Photographer Nicolas Leconte’s love of nature is no secret: “We live inside landscapes and in a way, we are a part of the landscape ourselves,” he explains. Sunrises, sunsets, fog, flowers, and fields are recurring themes in his work. His use of soft light and pastel colours makes each of his image a serene viewing experience.


Though Nicolas is proud of his upbringing in western France, his photography has taken him all over the world: the United States and the Caribbean feature in his work, along with shots from all over Europe.

We caught up with Nicolas in between trips for a chat about his work, travel, and love of nature.

THE PLUS: Tell us about the beauty of the French regions Bretagne and Normandy.
Nicolas Leconte:
Normandy is the place where I grew up, and where I started photography, so it’s a special place for me. I love its cliffs, the countryside and the seaside, where I often waited for the sunset. Bretagne is where I live now. There are many similar things, but where I am, it’s less wild than Normandy, but it depends on where we are in Bretagne. Both are very beautiful regions.


TP: What do you love about nature?
Well, firstly the calm I guess. I just find it beautiful.

TP: How do you scout the locations you take pictures at?
The majority of the photos I take are places near my home, so when you live somewhere, after a while, you know when and where you could have beautiful things to see, where the sun sets, when you can have fog… In travel, it’s different, you don’t have these landmarks. So I just have an app to know when and where the sun sets and rises.


TP: Why do you think people are fascinated by landscapes? And how about you?
Landscapes are what surrounds us, I find it normal to be interested in them. We live inside landscapes and in a way, we are a part of the landscape ourselves.

TP: You like to feature details in the foreground of your images, like flowers. What are your thoughts behind this?
Yes it’s true, it often happens to me. It’s a part of the composition, among other things. But I especially love flowers, for the colours they bring, the soft shapes, and it’s also a temporal landmark. According to the type of flower, you can link the photo to a season.


TP: Sunsets and sunrises are a recurring scenario in your work. What do you like about this?
Colours and shadows. I love putting colours into my pictures, so sunsets and sunrises are naturally the best way for this. And in addition, especially for sunrises, you have fewer people, less noise…

TP: Are you more a day or night person?
Somewhere between the two. Sunsets and sunrises are the most important for me.


TP: You travel a lot. What is your favourite destination – personally and for photography reasons?
Personally, maybe the Caribbean. I stayed three months, and I really loved the choice between beaches or jungles, mountains or islands, coral or volcano. Having the opportunity to choose what you want to do just at morning, it’s really nice. But for photography, maybe I have preferred Swiss and Austrian Alps.

TP: What can we look forward to seeing from you in the near future? Any trips planned?
I planned to travel, but I have not planned where yet. I have a lot of things to do. But for sure, I’m going to move a lot next year.