This Renovated Tel Aviv Apartment is a Minimalist Masterpiece

Yael Perry is a Tel Aviv-based interior designer with a passion for combining minimalist aesthetics with innovation and functionality. For her project RED, Yael used natural light, frosted glass, contrasting light and dark tones, and a refined use of colour to create a minimalist masterpiece.

Living Room_day2
Master Bedroom

Yael renovated the apartment into two zones: a public section containing a kitchen and living area, and a private section with a master bedroom, main bathroom, guest bedroom, home office, and balcony. Making use of its open plan, the result has an airy, spacious feel.

We had a word with Yael about her design.

THE PLUS: Why did you title the project RED?
Yael Perry: Most of the project is designed in shades of black and white, but while passing the main bathroom, there is a beautiful shade of red shining through the red glass of the shower. The residents and their visitors are overwhelmed by it each time they pass by the bathroom. It’s always a surprise, and it makes them smile and feel inspired. I chose to call the project RED because this is the unique element that will always be recognised in the apartment.


TP: You largely used black and white, which created a significant visual contrast. What do you enjoy about the result?
YP: It all depends on the dosage. You can create a dramatic contrast when using black and white, and you can create a harmonious space when one of those shades is dominant over the other.

TP: How was the renovation process?
YP: The renovation process was both challenging and enjoyable. The selection of the materials and the work performance had to be accurate in order to achieve the fine minimalist finishes.

Living Room_evening_details1

TP: How do you feel about minimalist design works within the field of interior design?
YP: I find minimalist design an inseparable part of the design world. Our modern lifestyle is intense and colourful, and there is an important place for the silence that minimalism brings to our life.

Living Room_evening_details_Nendo

TP: What do you like about minimalism?
YP: I like its simplicity, precision and cleanliness.

TP: Did you guys design the furniture too? If not, where did you choose the pieces to make them fit this project?
YP: Carpentry and steel work were custom made per our design, but the furniture was ordered from my favourite brands and designers around the world.

Living Room

TP: Who are your interior design superheroes / inspiration?
YP: My superhero is definitely Donald Judd. Besides the amazing exhibitions of his designs that I’ve had the chance to see in many art galleries and museums around the world, last year I visited the Judd foundation in Soho, NYC: the place he lived and created from. I was overwhelmed. I also get inspired by contemporary and minimalist industrial, product and fashion designers.

TP: What’s your home like, did you design it by yourself?
YP: My home is modern and yes, I designed it by myself. But I can’t wait for my next residence, to design my own space again!

Living Room_evening2
Living Room_day1
Living Room_day
View from kitchen
View from the Kitchen to the Yoga balcony
View from the Yoga balcony to the Kitchen
View from the Kitchen to the Yoga balcony_night
Master Bedroom2
Master Bedroom3
Corridor from the guest room
The Corridor1
The Corridor2
The Corridor3
Red Shower4
Red Shower3
Red Shower2
Red Shower1
Red Shower from the Yoga Balcony2
Red Shower from the Yoga Balcony1
Living Room_evening3

Photos by: Itay Benit