Immersive 3D Creations Give You Everyday Insights Into an Alternative Universe

It’s been well over two years since Arkansas-based artist Stuart Lippincott began creating art on a daily basis and publishing it online.


“If you want to become more proficient at whatever it is you do, try and create something with it everyday.”
- Stuart Lippincott

Encompassing 3D modelling, graphic design and animation, Stuart’s work hones in on life in surreal, alternative universes. In those universes, giant architectural structures overwhelm inhabitants and triple eclipses dominate skies.


Stuart’s commitment to his art has earned him considerable respect on Instagram among the 3D art community.

The prolific artist took time out to chat with us about his creations.

THE PLUS: What inspires you to create these mesmerising works of art?
Stuart Lippincott:
There are a few different things. Music – the music I’m listening to makes a huge impact on what the image is going to look like for the day. Other artists – gathering inspiration from all different kinds of artists out there on Behance, Instagram, Pinterest, Vimeo, and others.


TP: Are all your images based on a the same place?
No… although they do kind of look like they’d live in the same universe… If I had unlimited computing power, I’d love to make all of these into a short film.

TP: Do you listen to music when you work?
Absolutely. It helps set the tone of the piece I’m working on that day. I listen to a lot of different genres of music.

TP: What got you into 3D modelling?
Video games. I actually went to school for 3D design, but I didn’t really get into the 3D world until a couple of years ago. I was working at a job for four years that had nothing to do with 3D work at all. I wanted to brush up on my skills so I started making an everyday project. That was about two and a half years ago.


TP: What passions do you have outside 3D design and modelling?
I love music. I was in a band back in the day that played a lot of shows. It was a lot fun. Especially when the crowds would sing along to your music. Would always give me chills. I like playing videos games when time allows.

TP: What’s life like in Bentonville, Arkansas?
It’s the hometown for Walmart, so there is a lot of corporate stuff that goes on around the city. It really is a great place to live. It’s a very family-friendly town. Having three kids, that means a lot.


TP: What’s the best thing that’s happened to you in 2018 so far?
I’ve been working with Illenium on some of his upcoming tour stuff and album art. Nick is a great dude to work with.

TP: What projects have you got lined up for the future?
The biggest thing I’m working on is Illenium’s album art and live concert setup. Other than that, not too much… I have things come in daily, so who knows what’ll show up tomorrow.


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