Inhabit the Croatian coast to the Sound of Austrian Trip Hop

Vienna-based electronic indie group Leyya, fronted by Sophie Lindinger and Marco Kleebauer, have hit the internet waves with a their new single: ‘Wannabe’.

Leyya took ‘Wannabe’, with energy and minimal synths, to director Rupert Höller for the music video. A surreal collection of scenes unfolds between Sophie and Marco and their duplicates in coastal landscape of Croatia.


We spoke with Leyya’s Sophie and Marco, and director Rupert about the single.

THE PLUS: How’s your summer going? What’s your current vibe?
Sophie Lindinger and Marco Kleebauer:
It’s pretty hot in Vienna, so we are both hiding inside our cooler studio and working on music in and outside of the Leyya universe. It‘s nice to not worry about touring in this heat and to just make music or go swimming whenever we want to. So, very chilled at the moment.

TP: What was the concept behind the song?
SL & MK:
There was no concept. In fact, we have just released an album in January and we wanted to avoid the post-release-down by just making music, without borders, be creative without a goal or the need to release something. Suddenly, we finished that song and thought “why not release it right now?” – and so we did. Everything was very spontaneous, even the video. Sometimes that‘s the best way to do it.


TP: What does ‘Wannabe’ mean to you in the age of social media? Does it have positive or negative connotations?
SL & MK:
The lyrics actually circle around the problem we have nowadays with social media and the social media persona we all try to impersonate in real life. We always ask ourselves why we can‘t be or look like someone else. Often, it is also the other way around, too – that “someone else” feels that about us. A circle of insecurities and sheer envy of others controls how we see ourselves. This vicious circle we made our theme: I wanna be like you wanna be like me.

TP: Where was the video shot? What did you do there when you weren’t shooting the video?
SL & MK:
We shot this video in Croatia with a very small crew in a total of 4 to 5 days. We actually didn’t have time to do anything else while we were there, because we got up before sunrise to catch the very first glimpses of the sunshine and we went back at night to fully capture the golden and blue hour. So all we did with our remaining time was sleep – and for this we didn‘t even have enough time either.


TP: What are you looking forward to most over the coming months?
SL & MK:
Making music without a goal or the need to release something. That is the perfect ground for our creativity. Who knows, maybe we’ll come up with another spontaneous song idea. Also, we are going on tour in October again and we will prepare for that and have fun touring.

TP: Rupert, what was your initial reaction when you heard ‘Wannabe’ for the first time?
Rupert Höller:
I was immediately hooked by the chorus melody of the guitar. The whole song has a really positive but strange vibe, I had the feeling that it needs some kind of weird movement, a kind of dance but in a strange way. That’s when the idea with the eyes and the red dancers were born.


TP: What do you want viewers to feel watching this video?
I want them to rack their brains over how we have pulled off the effects in the video. From the feedback I’ve got so far, it seems to be working! And they should have fun watching it. It’s definitely a video that doesn’t take itself too seriously. And in the best case, in a deeper sense, thinking twice next time we wish we were someone else.

TP: What was it like shooting in such an open landscape? Were there any difficulties involved?
It was hot – really hot. I did a lot of online research before the shoot and when we arrived in Croatia, we had one day of visiting the locations before we started the actual shooting, which was important for the exact planning. So with all this preparation and the really small crew we had, the shoot itself on location didn’t bring too many difficulties and was pretty relaxed. Some of the spots were hard to reach and on the mountain there was a crazy wind going on, which ended up looking really good in the scene, so that worked out great in the end.