This Music Video Collaboration Packs an Emotive Punch

London-based singer-songwriter Tom Rosenthal and Paris-based director Thomas Vernay’s have collaborated to produce a music video for Tom’s song, “I Got Myself A Finish”.

Originally released on his 2015 album entitled Bolu, Tom’s song sounds the intersection between happiness and sadness—or more precisely, the complex point at which sadness moves back to relative happiness. Bold chords strike the piano as Tom’s vocal chords strain to put across his powerful message of acceptance.


The director Thomas matches the song’s emotional charge with his contribution to the song’s visual component. In the music video, actress Alexia Giordano delivers a sensitive performance exploring the rare territory in which happiness and sadness meet.


“The idea was to illustrate the feeling raised by the music. I felt a deep sadness when I listened this music, and I told myself that the best way to illustrate it was to show this sadness through a face. But Tom told me that the music was also about happiness, so I had to think about passing emotions from one opposite to another. The spectator is thus standing in front of a kind of mirror, trying to understand why the girl is both crying and laughing, in turn projecting their own emotions onto the scene.”
– Thomas Vernay


We wanted to know more about what to take away from the music video, so we met up with its singer to find out more.

THE PLUS: What’s this song about for you?
Tom Rosenthal:
It’s about finding a satisfying way for something to end and about being content about that ending.

TP: What inspired you to write it?
Wish I could remember the exact circumstances but, sadly, I can’t.


TP: What was it like collaborating with Thomas Vernay for the video?
Very good. He was very strong about what he wanted and he got it. He wanted a more emotional take for the video and he convinced me he was right.

TP: It’s a very emotionally passionate music video. Would you describe yourself as a passionate person?
Yes I would but who wouldn’t? Though I am English, so passion is shown in different ways here.


TP: Tell us about your process for writing a new song.
It can start with some words or some chords or a melody or a theme.
And then once the framework is in place, it’s about filling in the gaps. Framework is king.

TP: What single piece of advice would you give to an aspiring musician?
Do it because you enjoy it, and the rest will look after itself.


TP: Where do you think music is in the age of new media? How do you see the divide between music video and live performance in your work?
Well, a music video is a way of reaching people and so is live performance. But I have two kids, so doing live performance regularly is tricky. The visual side is a crucial element to things these days. The modern human expects to see something accompany their audio. I’m content with that.