This GIF Artist Is Redefining the Twenty-First Century Still Life

Sasha Katz, a GIF artist based in Moscow, has been enchanting online spaces with her curious creations, which enter digital and 3D art into the territory of twenty-first century still lifes.


Sasha’s work has been well-admired for years within a zeitgeist-y online enclaves of digital artists and 3d artists. And her large Instagram following reflects her artistic relevance. Yet still, Sasha remains true to her original core of followers, referring to himself with the title: GIF artist.

Mixing pastel-coloured backgrounds with iconic objects simplified to the bare minimum to still be recognisable, Sasha’s GIFs strike the viewer with an almost childlike innocence. Sasha’s GIFs are also playful. For instance, she often takes aim at technological artefacts but comprises them in some way – MacBooks appear cracked into shards and iPhones appear with flowers growing out of them. And all the while, the subjects move with a gentle, lifelike effect.


Since there’s always more to an artist’s work than meets the eye, we met Sasha for a chat and asked him some questions.

THE PLUS: What’s your process for creating a gif?
Sasha Katz:
Inspiration – Cinema 4d – Render.

TP: Do you have a love/hate relationship with technology?
Total mutual love.


TP: You feature a lot of plants/natural life in your work. Tell us about the antagonism that the combination of nature with technology sets up in your work?
I believe in a future harmonious symbiosis of nature and technology. I think that nature and technology are one and the same.

TP: What inspires your creations?
Henri Rousseau, Paolo Bacigalupi, art of my friends, glitter, Russian female witch house, Arabic calligraphy, anime, Christian Kitsch, the 1990s, ugliness, Camp, depression, Persian poetry, neon, imperfection, love.

TP: Although your work is refreshingly new, it has a nostalgic feel. Are you a nostalgic person?
I do really love 90s aesthetic visuals.


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