This Master of Scale Helps us Ascend to the Heights of Great Travel Photography

In this original Summer series we’re packing our bags and catching up with some of our favourite travel photographers from across the web. These creatives each bring a unique angle to the field; explore their work and polish your own holiday pics.


Born in Spain and bred in a small Danish fishing town, with parents spanning both nationalities, photographer Matias Molina seemed destined to travel. Working as an aircraft technician for a decade or so, Matias has clearly developed a precision and accuracy in his artistic style that has helped in his ceaselessly majestic photos of vast and mountainous landscapes. But how do you master capturing that scale, without a clumsy ‘panorama’ pan?


“Just the way I see things” is how Matias’ Instagram bio sums up his style, and this humble attitude in the face of valleys and cliffs is the sign of a photographer who takes this scope in his stride. Currently based in Copenhagen, Denmark, he started with an iPhone 5, but has since graduated into being a faithful patron of the Canon 5D Mark iii. He shares with us his mastery of mountain-scaling and mountainous scale.


THE PLUS: What tip would you give for shooting large-scale subjects like mountains?
Matias Molina:
Patience is the key, it’s all about being in the right place at the right moment: waiting for a cloud to roll over the peak or for the sun to set, it’s always (most of the time) worth the wait. I’ve spent so many hours waiting for the right light or mood, but the reward is golden in the end! 

TP: You photograph these mountainous landscapes – what’s the most dangerous situation it’s gotten you into?
Actually on a recent trip to Slovenia with my good friend Tom. We hiked a mountain with all our gear prepared to camp on the peak, I think a had around 20kg on my back, but on the way up a huge thunderstorm came rolling in. We were stuck in a small hole for a few hours before we could move again.

TP: You snap with your Canon 5D mark iii now – do you prefer using this to your iPhone?
Yes! I can trust my Canon in rain, snow, wind, dust, sand, punches, ice, fire you name it, it will never let you down. It’s heavy, but it’s worth the extra blood and sweat!

TP: Besides a camera, what other photographic essentials are helpful when travelling?
If you are hiking your backpack is very important, I use an F-STOP Tilopa – everything that I need fits in it and it’s very comfortable. Never forget a cloth to clean your lens. When shooting in rain or waterfalls, just to name a few, it’s essential! 

TP: Any non-essential luxuries you can’t do without when travelling?
Danish liquorice, I always have that with me… Actually there’s not a lot that I can’t do without, I’m really good at adapting, I don’t think I would like traveling as much if I weren’t. 

TP: Where’s one place you’d love to go but haven’t been?
Greenland! I really wanna go explore eastern Greenland, it’s been a dream for so long! 

TP: Where’s one place that you’ve been to, but would hate to go to again?
Marrakech. Don’t get me wrong, I actually love Morocco, not only for taking pictures but also for surfing and culture in general, but Marrakech didn’t really catch my attention. Maybe because they confiscated my drone at the airport and had me in interrogation for 3 hours so I missed my flight home.