This Customisable Holiday Home Site is the Ultimate in Easy Living

Hudson Woods is the holiday home retreat nestled in the Hudson River Valley at the foot of the Catskills, an easy couple of hours drive upstate from New York City. The concept combines nature, recreation, and relaxing design, and in all, it’s a retreat that couldn’t be further – conceptually, if not geographically – from the likes of Butlins.


The project, designed and managed by Lang Architecture, has been ongoing since 2014, and offers buyers of the cabins easy access to breathtaking mountains, rugged outdoor activities, and exquisitely designed creature comforts. Following a flurry of construction, landscaping, and design, just one of the 26 spacious cabins on the 131-acre grounds remains available.

The spacious and light cedar cabins are constructed using locally sourced and sustainable materials, and come in 2 standard floor plans: a lower entry option, or an upper entry option which allows for the gabled glass wall. Each 2,800 sqft cabin comes with 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, and a garage/studio as standard.

Hudson Woods housing development in Kerhonkson, NY

Cabin-owners can customise their holiday retreat with upgrades: pools, guesthouses, outdoor kitchens, green houses, vegetable gardens, fruit tree groves, kids’ playhouses and tree houses are all on the cards, as are a selection of finishes and colour options for interior and exterior details.

Furnishing is provided by hand-selected designers, including Carl Hansen & Søn and Allied Maker, and available property management services range from general maintenance, to beekeeping and personal training.


With so many ingredients needed for a perfect holiday, from bee husbandry to a particular shade of kitchen tile, how does one architecture and design studio decide where to start?

THE PLUS: What were the main features for you that this project had to have?
Lang Architecture:
It was important to leave the natural beauty unaltered as far as possible. Homes and accessory structures on the property are integrated into the natural landscape, and individual lots become compositions of built elements responsive to specific site conditions. 

TP: What was attractive about this specific location for Hudson Woods?
It is as close to the scenic beauty of the area as you can get. It is secluded enough that it can serve as a true escape, but it is also close to all seasonal outdoor activities, as well as a number of towns in the area with emerging food, art and culture scenes. 

Hudson Woods housing development in Kerhonkson, NY

TP: How did you go about choosing the layout for the 26 dwellings on site?
The existing site conditions dictated much of the site approach. Elements such as slopes and rock formations versus large open meadows, or how the homes can be positioned for access to the best views and sun/light exposure.

TP: You’ve partially embedded the properties into the landscape – talk us through this decision.
The landscape of the property has a very interesting topography, with hills, rock formations and various elevations. Building into the landscape allowed us to keep the existing environment in tact as much as possible. A secondary floor plan option with a lower level entry allows buyers to build on larger flat meadow areas of the property. 

Hudson Woods housing development in Kerhonkson, NY

TP: Your studio’s aim is “to create authentic, meaningful experiences at every turn” – how did this work in the case of Hudson Woods?
A meticulously considered and thoughtful design approach. Every detail matters, from the door handles to framing exterior views. Every element of the home should be an elevated sensory experience. 

TP: You worked with a number of furniture collaborators for these cabins – what attracts you to particular design brands?
We look for furniture designers with a meticulous eye for detail and exceptional craftsmanship. The design must be functional and timeless in a fashion, similar to the Japanese and Scandinavian design philosophy. 

TP: You weren’t designing to a particular client – so who was the ‘ideal’ Hudson Woods resident your studio had in mind?
A design-savvy person looking for a truly serene escape into nature.

Hudson Woods housing development in Kerhonkson, NY
Hudson Woods housing development in Kerhonkson, NY
Hudson Woods housing development in Kerhonkson, NY
Hudson Woods housing development in Kerhonkson, NY
Hudson Woods housing development in Kerhonkson, NY
Hudson Woods housing development in Kerhonkson, NY

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