This Multidisciplinary Brand’s New Video Unites Design Across the Genres

In a whirlwind two day creative boom on the rooftops of New York, and across Brooklyn’s most iconic locations, fashion and music brand LVDF teamed up with Deadbeat Films to bring about this fresh fashion film, DUST. Striking a compelling balance between contemporary fad-free fashion and earthy spiritualism, the film also uses spare and syncopated music by LVDF themselves.

LVDF started in a tiny Austrian town whilst its driving force Lukas van der Fecht was still in school. With a family of printers and designers, Lukas was destined for the creative industries from a young age, and he’s always had the drive: “I create to represent the interconnection between us all, and the ultimate connection of all Humans to Mother Earth,” he explains.


The glitchy, writhing dancers of the video are Lukas himself and his husband Justin Conte, wearing LVDF designs created specifically for the shoot, with coloured dust layered into the garments to accompany the dancers’ movements with a dusty, smoky aura. He “wanted to create a layered look that feels ancient as well as futuristic – mimicking the layers we acquire through our journey.”


The clothes are representative of a fashion line focusing on reliably sourced fabrics, which are custom-made and artisan-printed with original screen and block prints. Lukas’ work has caught the attention of creative greats, including FKA Twigs and artist Nova Zef.

DUST is part of a visual trilogy continuing later this year – watch this space to keep up to pace.

THE PLUS: What is LVDF fashion all about?
Lukas van der Fecht:
It is about highlighting HUMANITY, not stereotypes. Considering what the work represents ethically as well as intentionally. I believe the same applies to music — or any art form, for that matter. 


TP: The film takes its name from the soundtrack, DUST – what inspired this?
I was sitting in my studio listening to the song, and all of a sudden I saw this tiny little speck of dust flying in front of me and I took it as a sign. In that moment I felt like I was a speck of dust on this planet, just as this planet is a speck of dust in this universe.

TP: You’ve got a unique design aesthetic – what inspires you?
My design aesthetic in general is very inspired by oversized and unisex lines. I try to break from the idea of women’s and men’s clothing, in order to connect us all and empower our female and male energies.


TP: You’ve designed for FKA Twigs and artists, among others. What do you think attracts people to your fashion?
It empowers me greatly that these powerful women trust me, a man, to heighten their art. My first intention is not to make people look good but to make them feel good. My clothing is like an empowerment armour; I love to connect with artists and brainstorm with them on what they desire or want to represent, and I think that’s a big part of my craft.

TP: You’re both a musician and a fashion designer – how do these two disciplines interact for you?
For me it seems like they were made to coexist with each other. My music is definitely inspired by my fashion, and vice versa. I can go from one discipline to the next – which, in my experience, always inspires the other. 


TP: What are three things we’d see on a moodboard shared by your fashion and design aesthetics?
Earthy colour palette, ancient symbols, tribal patterns.

TP: What do you think makes fashion iconic?
It is the perfect balance between the creation of the garment as well as the person who is wearing it. Fashion is so fast nowadays, and everything has been done before. It’s not about fads, it’s about integrity and artistry. This is one of the main reasons why I’ve chosen to have powerful artists, movers, etc., in my garments.


DUST is A Deadbeat Film
Movement Direction/ Choreography by Justin Conte
Focus Pulling by Joseph Alexander
Sound Design by Speaking Sound
Colouring by CHEAT