These Fairytale Photographers are a Marriage Made in Heaven

Married for eleven years, Fine Art photography power-couple Katarzyna and Marcin Owczarek share two long-standing interests: photography, and surrealistic storytelling. In this emblematic series for their joint project as Owczarek Studio, My Heart is an Animal, animals and humans are fused together, the clear message relayed by the duo being:“we are all, one living organism and we should respect each other.”


My Heart is an Animal is the logical conclusion of their combined backgrounds in fashion design, Fine Arts, and photography, though that’s about the only logical thing to it. Theirs is a suitably mystical and folklore-infused aesthetic, and – along with a respectful attitude to nature, and the help of Katarzyna’s Father as model – makes for an interesting book for all of us to take a leaf from.

THE PLUS: You use dark, rich palettes – why is this?
Katarzyna & Marcin Owczarek:
The colours we use simply reflect our mental atmosphere, our state of mind and the particular way in which we see the world. Also, the colours need to be serious when you present serious and important issues.


TP: The series is about the co-habitation of humans and animals – do either of you have a special pet, or important animal in your life?
KO & MO:
We do not have pet (yet), but we are animals lovers. Katarzyna wants to have two cats and Marcin wants to have two wolves (one white, the other one black). It will be hard to adopt wolves, but we will try.

TP: You talk about mankind’s animal instincts – what’s your spirit animal?
KO & MO:
Marcin’s spirit animals is Wolf, since wolves symbolize instinct, intelligence, appetite for freedom, ritual, loyalty, and pure spirit. Katarzyna’s spirit animals is Lynx – “Seer of the Unseen” – gifted with the ability to see into other dimensions and into the hearts of others, able to “hear” thoughts.


TP: Do you believe in fairy tales?
KO & MO:
Sure. We think the world of fairy tales is still available and there is access to it, but we simply need to find the path. One of the way of finding the way is to create art full of surrealistic landscapes and scenarios.

TP: If you could live in a surreal world like your photos depict, what would it be like?
KO & MO:
One in which we live in coexistence with animals, plants and harmony with nature. The rivers and lakes are crystal clear and no thievery or sin is known. People respect each other, and the main voice on this place is not the voice of destruction, but the voice of Mother Earth.


TP: What’s one piece of advice you’d share with other creatives?
KO & MO:
Work, work, work hard, and never give up. The more you practice and the more devoted you are to your projects, the sooner your hoped-for results will arrive.