This Witty Artist Has a Bottomless Appetite for Humour

“I like to give smiles, when people look at my works”, says Diego Cusano, the Italian artist and musician renowned online for his witty illustrations. He nimbly turns everyday foodstuffs and inanimate objects into flights of fictional fancy with the stroke of a pen. Since our feature last year his tireless creative output has yielded a new haul of exciting work that thoroughly deserves a second look: minimalist, dry, but richly entertaining.

apple world
bassotto banan

Diego is ushering in a wry and sprightly variation on the kind of foodie fare that’s come to fill our feeds in recent years. His training in Art and Painting Restoration, alongside his work at the Fine Arts Academy in Perugia, has honed his ability to instantly transform everyday objects, from sushi into SLR cameras, from coffee beans into haute couture, all with a minimalist handful of lines.

Coffee bean skirt

We try and pin down this mischievous graphic joker.

THE PLUS: How would you describe your sense of humour?
Diego Cusano:
Child humour.

TP: Are you good at telling jokes?
Noooo… I’m no good at telling jokes… I laugh out loud before I can finish.


TP: You’re a bit of a foodie – what’s the most interesting culinary trend you’ve seen recently?
Coloured food – I like it because I can use it to create my sketch from a different point of view. I would emphasise, though: I would never waste any food, as I have a great respect for nature (both flora and fauna) and for people that cannot afford food.

TP: Are you a sweet or a savoury kind of guy?
Just enough of both…I’m sweet with sweet people, and I’m savoury with savoury people!

garlic goose

TP: What food do you think best represents you?
I’m bruschetta: tough, but good.

TP: What’s your favourite food?
Pizza and sushi are my life. Sushi is coloured and precise, and pizza is like a carnival!

Eau the Pizza

TP: Are you as adventurous in your eating habits as you are in your drawings?
Oh yeah. I re-evaluated simple food as a result of eating healthily, and when I travel I like discovering new food; for example, during my last trip I discovered Malaysian cuisine.

TP: Your Instagram following is huge, why do you think this kind of illustration is so popular
Because I look at things from a different point of view, and for the people who follow me, every day is a surprise. And we know the surprises are always great!

Ariel Nigiri, Ursula

TP: As a non-stop creative, what advice would you give to people suffering from creative block?
I usually read a book, take a walk, read song lyrics, I look at painting, sculpture, design exhibitions, and when I can’t do these I arrange a trip. It’s most important to discover new cultures!

Harry Potter
Napoleon Taco
Pizza King
Senza titolo-1
Senza titolo-2
Watermelon Island
Barca a vela