We Bring you the Best In #CDW’s Innovative Interior Illumination

With a location as riddled with arresting contemporary lighting design as Clerkenwell Design Week, it’s hard to find a dull or dim moment. The ‘jam-packed design jamboree” kicked off today in the globally renowned creative district of London – Clerkenwell – with an absorbing collection of installations, exhibitions, and talks hosted by contemporary and inspiring designers, from industry goliaths to up-and-coming stars worldwide.

We’ve creamed off a pick of some exciting and creative lighting designs emerging in the bumper crop of fairs this year, on display now at #CDW2017.

Anglepoise have teamed up with Paul Smith again this year, this time around bringing out new Mini and Giant versions of the iconic Anglepoise and Paul Smith Type 75 desk lamps, showcased alongside the latest Spring/Summer 2017 collections. Paul Smith’s trademark pops of colour are teamed with the distinctive style of the brand, to create a product even greater than the sum of its impeccably-designed parts.

Anglepoise + Paul Smith - Type 75 Giant
Anglepoise + Paul Smith - Type 75 Mini Edition One

Based out of their shop-come-workshop in the trendy East-London neighbourhood of Hackney, wooden design experts Lozi are showcasing their new collections at this year’s CDW. They’ve expanded their lighting offering this time around, with pendant lamps that capitalise on the aesthetic opportunities offered by the unique combination of digital manufacturing and traditional woodworking methods used in their process.


Fanfare please: Italian lighting brand Artemide bring this novelty new trumpet-inspired piece to exhibit at London’s famous Fabric nightclub. Orsa’s glass casing and etched glass cover conceals the LED light source and diffuses the illumination, creating a sleek and unique design piece.


The UMA Sound Lantern from Pablo is an exciting addition to our illumination run-down, one that spans the audio-visual divide. This touch-sensitive lamp also functions as a portable bluetooth speaker, all bound up in a seamless and modest design modelled on more traditional lanterns.


Design Bros
From their studio and workshop in London, Design Bros introduce their new creative products. The balance of their Tsuki Reflector Light, a design hot off the press for this year’s CDW, uses a simple duplication aesthetic to make the ordinary extraordinary. Creative director of Design Bros Reiji swears by the creative principle of ‘Aesthetic + Function = Good Design’, with a healthy dose of experimental innovation that results in this effective shape and a timeless aesthetic.


Hand & Eye Studio
The work of practising architect Tom Housden and collaborators is produced by the London-based Hand & Eye Studio, a company set up in 2011 that has only grown in character and class ever since. Designed by the studio and produced by small and artful manufacturers, each product is conceived with an intimate understanding of material and composition, making for a charming new collection of works.


Animaro designer Matt Gilbert will be launching this Crane Lamp series at the end of June, on Kickstarter, following its year-long conception from his kinetically playful design studio in East London. Matt’s background in architecture is clearly visible in the structural principles of his furniture design; this particular lamp extends from its retracted to its fully extended and arching shape by way of a small rolling track in the base. A must-see for any design buff or engineering enthusiast.


Who’s afraid of the dark? No fear, with this double-function lamp that never leaves you out of the light. MySlouch founder Yvonne Slough launched her iconic Glowinthedark Beanbag at last year’s CDW, and returns this year with her collection of glow in the dark lamps and lampshades, suitable for any interior space.