Innovative Materials and Couture Influences Characterise This Collection

Slamp was set up in 1994 by designer Roberto Ziliani with the express intention of melding an artisan’s eye for detail with modern technology’s capacity for excellent industrial production, using patented and instantly recognisable materials. It’s these unique materials that set apart Slamp’s recent 2017 collection, one in which the sophisticated white palettes of Veli Couture, Fabula, and Hugo reign supreme, and dramatic fluid shapes provide versatile and bold interior additions.


The new 2017 offerings provide a sartorial flutter of stiff ruffles and flowing shapes, made from the company’s signature Opalfex and Lentiflex materials. Lentiflex is made of two overlapping layers of material with a 0.15° inverse inclination… In layman’s terms, the surface become multifaceted, and shifts its appearance depending on the position from which it’s viewed, whilst softening the light and creating iridescent colour shades. Opalflex is a recyclable blend of technopolymers and glass crystals, giving the lights a glassy shine.

“What matters to Slamp is to overcome itself”, says Roberto, and the company is constantly pushing the boundaries of what new materials can bring to the lighting arena: a perfect marriage of futuristic fabrication and masterful technique.


Veli Couture
Designed by Adriano Rachele, the broad and award-winning Veli family of lighting finds in Veli Couture a new suspension, wall or ceiling, and table light. Inspired by haute couture and modern textiles, the Veli Couture is a self-professedly decorative set: “I work by modeling surprising shapes that cast poetic reflections when they encounter light,” Adriano explains, and Veli Couture is no exception. The suspension model comes with a neat modern accent in a wrap of red electrical wire around the suspending cable, and the table lamp is a modern and minimalist take on extravagant ruffled centrepieces.


“Working with light allows me to give design a visible ‘soul’,” Adriano tells us: “light is the warmth and the magic that are added values missing in other objects.”

Large – 60 x 50 cm (4 X 8W – LED Filament)
Medium – 42 x 36 cm (2 X 8W – LED Filament)
Colour: brushed white
Made of: Opalflex
With: red cable and magnetic system

Large – 76 x h 20 cm (3 X 8W – LED Filament)
Medium – 53 x h 20 cm (2 X 8W – LED Filament)
Mini – 32 x h 15 cm (1 X 4W – LED Filament)
Colour: brushed white
Made of: Opalflex
With: Magnetic System

Table Lamp
Size: 32 x h 22 cm (1 X 4W – LED Filament)
Colour: brushed white
Made of: Opalflex
With: Metacrylate base

Fabula takes on the contorted appearance of a long strip wrapped around and folded in on itself. The resulting iridescent knot includes 5 light sources for creating a diffused light for large spaces.


“I was inspired by the expressive possibilities that Venetian glass possesses,” designer Constantino Morosin tells us. “Fabula has a rich, delicate, yet strong diffraction that reflects the light and colour of any environment it is illuminating,” thanks to its Lentiflex polymer material. “It reflects my own attention to the manual, artisan execution of a piece,” he explains – the result is a lightweight lighting piece with an elegant and fashionable finish.

Large 60 x h 25 cm (5 X 8W – LED Filament)
Medium 48 x h 21 cm (3 X 8W – LED Filament)
Colour: Prisma
Made of: Lentiflex

Large 60 x h 25 cm (5 X 8W – LED Filament)
Medium Ø 48 x h 21 cm (3 X 8W – LED Filament)
Colour: Prisma
Made of: Lentiflex
With: Magnetic System

Hugo White
This suspension lighting unit is designed to provide a bespoke lighting installation for interiors, and can be hung linearly, at an angle, or even perpendicular to the ground to continue the eddying flow that characterises the collection. The sinuous shape is composed of a printed techno-polymer structure.


Slamp have taken the interesting approach of adapting Hugo to fit an optional ‘infinity system’, which provides additional electrical and hanging wires to connect up the individual Hugo unit. Using a single wire from a single ceiling rose, this system can create uninterrupted and personalised stretches of the lighting unit.

Size: 100 x Ø 9 cm (LED: 30W – 220V – 3000 Lumen – 2700 Kelvin)
Colour: white
Made of: Lentiflex

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