We Bring You Our Pick of Lighting at 2017’s ICFF

Spring, the season of new life, also brings a positive blossoming of new and innovative design. There’s a whole host of internationally renowned fairs and events on the calendar, and next up on ours is the 29th annual ICFF, from 21st – 24th May, North America’s premier contemporary design showcase. ICFF falls under the voluminous umbrella of NYC x DESIGN, the vibrant city’s celebration of worldwide design taking place throughout May.

Without further ado, let us shed light on some of the most fascinating illumination solutions being exhibited at NYC x DESIGN’s ICFF this year, from the classic to the contemporary.

Arturo Álvarez
The new collection from decorative lighting company Arturo Alvarez includes the delicately folded lighting family, Ura, designed by creative force Arturo Álvarez himself. With a design originating in recognisable natural shapes, the visually lightweight volumes are made from a painted stainless steel mesh in various earthy and subtle colours.

Arturo Alvarez 1
Arturo Alvarez 2

Hollis + Morris
This Toronto-based studio brings designer Mischa Couvrette to the ICFF to unveil another in a steady tradition of sharply innovative lighting designs. The Link pendant, inspired by the durable purity of nautical hardware, can be hung vertically or horizontally to create a dramatic centrepiece. It’s a trend we can see throughout their work – see their theatrical geometric wall and ceiling lights – and in this case the pendants can feature either individually, or as a collective mobile, creating a versatile lighting solution that’s both statement and stylish.

Hollis Morris1
Hollis Morris2

Award-winning Canadian lighting company ANDlight is first-timer at ICFF this year, and this wide surface LED Pendant and surface mount light is a playfully innovative offering from designer Lukas Peet. The fixture allows the user to turn the broad illuminated face of the light in the desired direction, and once the rope suspension was added, well – “I had to name it Button at that point.”


The Star Light and the Star Wrap pendant lamps are the result of thoughtful collaboration between retail and product designer Peteris Zilbers and event designer Davis Licitis. Inspired by the awesome expanses of space, the designers have chiselled off a bit of stellar wonder and brought it into interior design. Both novel, and beautifully constructed, these pieces both illuminate and fascinate.


Atelier Alain Ellouz
The only world specialist working with alabaster and rock crystal in the creation of luxurious architectural projects, Atelier Alain Ellouz have developed unique techniques for treating and integrating their materials into creative designs. Their new work continues to make full use of the fascinating visual effect created when light is shone through the natural stone structures.


Stillfried Wien
Bosnian Furniture Manufacturer Stillfried Wien introduce their newest collaborations at the 2017 ICFF, including this bold Opal light from Kaia lighting, wrought with careful attention to geometry and resulting in a selection of light sizes, each bringing a timeless elegance to any interior.

stilfried 1

LZF Lamps
Banga, ‘the parasol light’, is the pendant offering from Valencia-based creative design studio LZF. Available in two sizes, the individual sheets of veneer are connected with metallic strips in a nod to elaborate parasols. This, alongside the wooden domino-structured panelling of ESCAPE, is a design characteristic of a company who comes into their own with lightweight and carefully structured pieces.


NYCxDESIGN is taking place in venues across New York City from 3rd – 24th May. Visit their website for more details.