Re-Defining Modern Masculine Lifestyle through Hotels and Underwear

Rio de Janeiro’s hotel La Suite is more guest house than rented accommodation, and its Parisian boutique hotelier François-Xavier Dussol is a man of similar characterful personableness. But that’s glowingly obvious, in this casual short-film portrait from film director and editor Christian Larson. The still images interspersed throughout the film are shot on an old analogue Leica M4 from 1966, with the colours of Brazil and the look of the raw film stock inspiring the aesthetic of the piece. 

It’s a unique film for Christian, whose work as a film director and editor  has seen him collaborate with brands and artists from Cartier to Sigur Rós, Mercedes Benz to Kylie Minogue. But this project, part of his work at premium underwear brand CDLP that Christian founded alongside Andreas Palm, sees the brand seeking out the kind of  decency and individual flair that characterises a modern man according to CDLP. 


Ranking style and substance over flash and cash, in both their people and their pants, the CDLP man is an integral part of an exciting CDLP branding strategy that showcases decent men, characterised by a new breed of intellectual masculinity and driven by the courage to follow their dreams. Men like François.

Christian and Andreas are pushing new standards in production as well as branding, with artisans hand-producing their garments at a third-generation factory in Portugal, and using the natural fibre lyocell for their signature Boxer Trunk. It’s a form of rayon made by nanotechnology using wood pulp sourced from sustainable tree farms, in a process that recovers or decomposes all solvents and emissions. 100% bio-degradable, it repels moisture and bacteria, and is reportedly 3 times softer than cotton. 


But how to marry hoteliers with boxer trunks? Christian gives us a helping hand. 

THE PLUS: What are three things that would feature on a mood-board for the video portrait?

Christian Larson: 
An old rosewood floor, a blue ocean, and a casually dressed gentleman.

TP: What inspired you most about François? What really made him a CDLP kinda guy?

François has a certain aura of confidence, of being at peace with himself, that I truly admire. In addition to that, he’s such a gentleman in every situation. He really has a certain aura around him that influences his surroundings.


TP: How would you define the perfect decent 21st Century man?

For me, the definition of a decent man of the 21st century is a man who walks his own path, dreams big, dresses timelessly in his own style, and never stops chasing his own dreams. 

TP: What do you like the most about hotel La Suite, and how does it match the values of CDLP?

It’s the perfect combination of architecture, design, history, ambience and of course the magnificent view over the ocean. It’s like being in a beautiful painting. But first and foremost, it has its own identity – a personality that shines in every room. It was very much a love-at-first-sight kind of place. And that’s what we strive to make CDLP feel like too.


TP: CDLP is a visually effective lifestyle brand – what’s the story behind how you and Andreas came to work together?

We met back in 2006 and came to travel a lot together for work. In parallel with these journeys, this visual aesthetic naturally developed with our friendship. And then one day, this idea was on the table in front of us – at the La Suite hotel actually. We simply didn’t find great underwear that would look good and last long – so we had to do something about it.


TP: How about you – would you describe yourself as a decent modern man?

I aspire to be, but I still have a lot to learn. I hope CDLP will show me the way.

TP: Are you more boxers, or briefs?

That’s an old question – there are more styles to choose from nowadays. So, the correct answer is that I’m a trunk kind of guy. A CDLP Boxer Trunk of course.


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