Innovative Candelabra Design Puts Single Candle Centre-Stage

How do you take the glow from a single candle and amplify it into an minimalist theatrical event? This was the plan for Austrian artisanal brand Lobmeyer‘s collaboration with award-winning designer Samuel Wilkinson. The result is Zymbel, a 300mm x 300mm solid brass candelabra composed of four shining concave discs that define a spherical space around the candle, whose particular arrangement can be modified according to taste. The brass discs have been hand-crafted by expert Lobmeyer craftsmen.


The astral, gravity-defying look of the three movable discs around the spike-mounted ‘floating’ candle at the centre is facilitated by a weighted base, which acts as a cantilever for the moving parts. All surfaces have been highly polished, save two, which have been darkened with an oil treatment to create an assertive visual contrast.
Zymbel will be launched officially at the ICFF, but we couldn’t wait to find out more about the latest in a long line of Samuel’s trademark dynamic and innovative designs, that has seen him exhibit in prestigious locales from the MoMa to the V&A.

The Plus: How did you develop the idea for this candelabra?
Samuel Wilkinson: We found through tests that by using concentric discs we could design the candelabra to have a changing identity, something akin to a peacock’s plumage, where the user can change it to fit their own style


TP: What were the challenges of working with an intricate and multi-layered design?
SW: Lobmeyr are known for their handcrafted engineering, so we wanted to try and utilise their unique skills. Finding the balance between sensible construction and a strong product identity can be difficult, so it was a bit of trial and error to get to the final result.


TP: We’ve been following your work, and your designs combine aesthetic and functionalism beautifully – what’s your view on clean lines and a simple but bold design?
SW: We always try to retain the identity of the initial idea, so we always have this in mind when trying to reduce and refine the design.

TP: What was the thinking behind making the candles look weightless and gravity-defying?
SW: We have been working on mirrored objects on a few other projects, so it was natural to bring these ideas into this project. Presenting the candle on a spike in the polished concave disc produces a nice floating effect, as you don’t see the hidden fixing.


TP: What’s coming up next for you?
SW: We are working on a nice range of projects at the moment, from stationery to lighting to furniture, so it’s quite busy!