Sasha Rainbow x Wild Beasts Gives Girl Skate Scene a Powerful Platform

Film Director, Creative Director, and all-round storyteller Sasha Rainbow proves that skateboarding isn’t just for boys in her electric new music video for Wild Beasts‘ single Alpha Female.

Shot in Bangalore, the video features local envelope-pushing skating groups like the Girl Skate India Collective and Holystoked Skate Crew, and Atita Verghese, India’s first professional female skater.


Alpha Female is the feminist ally anthem taken from Wild Beasts’ fifth studio album Boy King, about being yourself and being brave, according to Wild Beasts singer Hayden Thorpe. It’s a perfect complement to Sasha’s video stars, captured during a two-week stint in Bangalore as part of a project that took over five months to complete.


“In places like…India skating has not been solidified as a male sport, and therefore has a massive cultural impact, teaching values about self-empowerment through skateboarding,” Sasha explains.
This video made all of us want to pick up our boards and head to the streets.


Instead, though, we got in touch with Sasha.

The Plus: We loved your video for the Wild Beasts, Alpha Female. What brought about this idea?
Sasha Rainbow:
I fell in love with the song and subject matter straight away, and knew I had to make a video for it. I thought of my friend who works for the NGO Skateistan, that gets girls skating in Afghanistan, and there was my eureka moment.


TP: Could you talk us through the alpha females that you chose to star in this video?
As skateboarding only came to India a few years ago, we can see how it’s changing their lives, and impacting the community around them. It may seem normal in other places to see girls skateboarding (although I’d argue it’s still not), but these particular girls in the video are really breaking social norms and challenging traditional values.


TP: As a female director, how important do you think it is to showcase the lives of inspiring women- like in this video?
I think women should go the extra mile to showcase each other’s accomplishments, and to give opportunities to other women. It’s getting better for females, but we’ve still got a way to go.


TP: Bangalore is an interesting location to choose – what other sites would you like to explore for future projects?
I loved Bangalore. Really, I go where the stories are, but I’m a huge fan of travelling the world and exploring. I’d love to go back to Japan, and I’ve never been to China.


TP: How would you define an alpha female?
A woman who is not afraid to be herself. Or who is afraid, but challenges herself to overcome her fear.


TP: What’s the next music video you’re looking to direct?
I’ve just been to one of the world’s biggest electronic waste dumps in Ghana, which I’m making a documentary about. It has a completely different mood, but it’s focused on two characters who live in that world.

‘Alpha Female’ Credits
Artist – Wild Beasts
Track – Alpha Female
Album – Boy King
Label – Domino Records
Production Company – Rumble
Director – Sasha Rainbow
Executive Producer – Fritzi Nicolaus
Producer – Felix Jude West
Co-Producer – Rosalind Croad

Sasha Rainbow