This Innovative Infuser is the Golden Chalice of Home Mixology

Inspired by the art of homemade cocktails and guided by a philosophy of sophistication and passion for good food, cigars and spirits, Southern California-based design studio Ethan+Ashe have developed Alkemista, a new all-in-one spirits infusion vessel that puts the art of custom-infused cocktails in reach of the everyman.

Its design, combining the elegant touches of old-time spirit bottles and the rustic practicality of the Kilner jar, makes for a modern mixology tool that allows the infusion of fruits, spices and botanicals by way of a removable stainless steel filter fitted into a borosilicate glass bottle, and topped off with a silicone stopper.

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The innovative product incorporates tastes both aesthetic and gustatory, and comes with an Alkemista-approved book of novel combinations such as lavender and cucumber gin, cacao and clove bitters, and bacon and sage infused whiskey (we’re glad someone tried and tested that one before we did). We spoke to Ethan + Ashe founder Jason Carignan about practicality, wordplay, and the recipe for a perfect infusion.

The Plus: So how did this innovation come about?
Jason Carignan: I entertain often,and like to offer my guests unique cocktails that they don’t expect. After researching and talking to top bartenders, I found the trick to creating truly remarkable cocktails was in the ingredients, and that spirit infused with fresh fruits, spices, or herbs can liven up even the most basic recipe.


TP: What do you think people will be attracted to about your product?
JC: Alkemista is a beautiful bar tool that people can’t help but want to start using. And once they try it, people will be excited about the infusions they can try, and the ease in which they can make them with Alkemista’s all-in-one design.

TP: What inspired the design choices here?
JC: It’s potentially a very visible product, so I wanted to create something that would look sleek and attractive at any point in its use, from sitting on a kitchen counter while ingredients are infusing, to a table or bar while the infusions are being served or stored.


TP: Which cocktails would you particularly recommend form the infusion book?
JC: Black Denim Bourbon is our signature infusion. It’s created with vanilla, cinnamon, star anise, clove, and tobacco; it’s a nod to the LA club scene in the 80s, and a favourite of bartenders we’ve shared samples with.


TP: Nice. How did Ethan+Ash come into being?
JC: The Ethan+Ashe name is a clever wordplay on two of my favourite pastimes: ethanol (which is the chemical name for alcoholic spirits) and ashes (what’s left after having smoked a good cigar).


TP: What comes next after Alkemista?
JC: Ethan+Ashe was founded as a branded design studio for modern gentlemen’s accessories, from home and professional bar tools, to bespoke lifestyle accessories. We’re already at work on our next product.