Photographer Alberto Lamback Brings London to Life

When is comes to Alberto Lamback, muses are everywhere. Brazilian born Alberto is a street photographer with a keen eye for finding the beautiful amongst the mundane, and what some would assume are rather modest subjects for photography, Alberto transforms into truly captivating candid compositions.


Alberto has long been on the arts scene – he studied at the Sorbonne and Byam Shaw School of Art, and cites drawing as his long-time passion – but it is his stunning photography that has been recently catching everybody’s eye.

Now based in London (where he feels most at home, having travelled a lot with his diplomat parents), Alberto’s sensitive gaze and interesting use of composition elevate his photos of the capital’s streets from standard fare into pieces of art. Despite living in the relatively grey London, his photographs burst with vibrant splashes of colour, and his subjects – whether they be smiling or sombre – are portrayed with a real sense of vivacity and personality.


Alberto’s work is becoming something of an Instagram favourite, and he recently exhibited his project at B.A.A.M in Hart’s Lane Studios. He is definitely one to watch.

The Plus: How did you first get into street photography?
Alberto Lamback:
This is a bit cliché, but I used to spend a lot of time walking around London with my girlfriend; when I came out of that relationship I wanted to continue the habit, so I bought a camera as a way of getting myself out of the flat.


TP: What attracts you to certain people as subjects?
I like characters, people that have a particular thing about them that makes them stand out. There are certain stereotypes that work well with the camera, such as hats, umbrellas and red dresses. Most of the time I try to “shoot” candidly without people noticing, but because I get quite close I am often caught.


TP: What make for the best conditions with street photography?
I really enjoy photographing people when the light is good: playing with shadows is one of my favourite things.

TP: What do you enjoy most about street photography?
When I first started to shoot street photography I was quite a timid person. Progressively I started to become more confident, and that lead me to treat people like fellow human beings and engage with them more. Street photography has taught me how to see the world differently, how to be more observant of people and things; it keeps me curious and feeds my hunger to tell a story with a single frame.


TP: Do you plan to take your photography to different cities?
I just came back from a work trip to Istanbul, I’d love to go back and spend at least two weeks shooting there. Street photography can be done anywhere, as long as there’s people around.


TP: Could you share with us one of your favourite stories you came across?
One day I was walking around London’s Royal Victoria Dock and I spotted a woman who was with her family. She was a real character: she had lots of rings, piercings, tattoos, long nails and even a decorated eye patch. After wandering around for a short time I decided to take the cable car to Greenwich, and guess who I ended up sharing a cabin with? I started up a conversation, and as we were talking I started taking photos of her. It’s one of my favourite candid portraits.


TP: What camera and lenses do you use?
I started shooting with a Canon 6D and a 35mm f/2 lens, but a few months ago I picked up a Fuji X70 which has a fixed 18.5mm lens (full frame equivalent to 28mm). It’s a small camera and people feel less intimidated by it; it’s also nearly silent, and it fits in my jacket pocket so I always have it with me.


TP: What do you love about London?
London feels like an electric city, nothing stops, there’s always something happening. It’s impossible to get bored.