Hadi Moussally & Olivier Pagny’s Beautiful Photographs Offer Another Lens on Fashion

Lebanese born Hadi Moussally‘s passion for photography, fashion and art is contagious. Hadi is a filmmaker and photographer based in Paris, who works worldwide on a number of different projects. After receiving two masters degrees in film-making, Hadi set up the exciting production company h7o7 Films. The company produces a whole host of content, and are known for striking and bold imagery, the same that we saw back in their 2016 short, thought-provoking fashion films. It is through this company that Hadi does most of his most exciting work.

Hadi’s reinterpretation with Olivier Pagny of Julien Fournié’s FW17 Fashion Show is a tsunami of colours and textures. “We try to show the feeling of a movement in one photo,” he shares with The Plus.”


“The collection is called First Kinetics, that’s why we were inspired by the movement, the colors, and designs of each outfit. This collection reflects the feeling of a summer breath, and a joyful reflection on upcoming days.”

The striking images feature clean and bold pops of colour. The buoyant playsuits conjure up memories of being on holiday, and the bold canary yellow jackets make you long for sunshine. The images are sleek and sophisticated, a love letter to fashion.

“We always want to show fashion differently, to use it as a message or as an actor. Of course fashion is first of all the clothes, shape and colours, but it’s also who is wearing it, and what the message is behind it.”


Photos by h7o7Films (Hadi Moussally & Olivier Pagny)