Culture Class Isn’t Over; Please Return to Your Seats

’Tis the season for festive feasts (or food comas) and crackling fires (or full-power radiators). Maybe you thought you were done with study, or never even started, but guess what? Learning is forever, and The Plus has put you together a compulsory holiday reading list. Take a close look: from ‘hand jobs’ to trendy London food spots, you will be tested on your understanding and application of this material when returning from the Christmas break.

Script Fonts
Geum-Hee Hong takes us on a tour of computerised cursive: never again settle for Helvetica (hell no!), goodbye Comic Sans (are you joking?). Check out this collection of fascinating typefaces, and read our feature to hear what Geum-Hee has to say on the philosophy of influence through font.
Available from Laurence King.
script fonts

London Uncovered – Sixty Unusual Places to Explore
Bone up on London’s hidden secrets this Christmas, with renowned photographer and lifelong Londoner Peter Dazeley’s stunning photobook: it’s a cheatsheet to the best of what London has got to offer, if only you knew where to look.
Available now from Frances Lincoln.
London Uncovered

Colouring Book
This upbeat colouring book (OK not technically not for reading. So sue us (please don’t)) takes us on a woodland jaunt through some of the cutest flora and fauna seen in print. Colouring books are what’s hot this season – check out some artfully painted examples on our feature.
Available from Nina’s Etsy account.
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The Bicycle Colouring Book: Journey to the Edge of the World
Speaking of colouring books, Shan Jiang’s offering in the same vein explores a surreal world of figurative images through the protagonist of a humble bicycle. Feel the wind in your hair whilst you hunker down to a meditative session of colouring in these intricate and entertaining illustrations.
Available from Laurence King.
coloring bike

Paparazzo: The Elio Sorci Collection
How to take your christmas photos: learn from the best. This curated compilation of some of the best work from celebrity photographer and original paparazzo Elio Sorci will show you how it’s done.
Published by Roads Publishing.

Hand Jobs
Careful with how you write this one on your ‘To Study’ list. Oli Kellett and Alex Holder reveal the faces behind the advertising industry’s top hands, in this playful exposition of the life of a hand model. Plus, learn 24 ways to peel a banana. Who said party tricks are dead?
Available now from Hoxton Mini Press.

People of London
We couldn’t resist adding one of our recent features to this list: a compendium of award-winning street photographer Peter Zelewski’s sharpest and most thought-provoking portraits of Londoners. An anthropological study of the UK’s multicultural capital, have your curiosity piqued by this labour of love that gives glimpses into the lives of passers by.
Available from Hoxton Mini Press.

Renowned photographer Bruce Gilden catalogues a selection of honest, life-worn faces of his own Brooklyn streets. A manifesto for the conventional anti-hero, Bruce champions the ravages of adversity and brings it always back around to the human connection. A study in fellow-feeling.
Available now from Dewi Lewis.

East London Food
You don’t have to be a Londoner to love London town: in a festive season saturated with gastronomic delights, find room for this tasteful and exploratory account of the foodie scene in London’s hip Eastern postcode, courtesy of Helen Cathcart and Rosie Birkett.
Available now from Hoxton Mini Press.
East London Food

Documentary photographer Celine Marchbank has seen images from this photobook enjoy a certain melancholy success recently, featuring in Vanity Fair Italy and The Guardian. It’s a rich and treasured tapestry of images chronicling Celine’s mother’s struggle fighting terminal disease. A sobering and beautiful addition that rightly deserves inclusion on your holiday reading list.
Available from Dewi Lewis.

The Art of Movement
This stunning photobook from NYC Dance Project makes bold, statuesque dramas of the human form, using some of the best dancers working the scene right now. Celebrate the human form, whilst you comfortably finish off your second helping of Christmas pudding. (Just kidding – we know nobody actually eats the Christmas pudding).
Available now from Hachette.

Papers due in January 1st. Class dismissed.