The Plus Picks: Out of Fashion Photo Book

In the Fashion Week world of over-saturation, overexposure, and frenetic media excess, New York-based photographer Landon Nordeman stands by to capture the world in all its unashamed garish charm. Boldly colourful, his latest book Out of Fashion collects a series of photographs that are dramatic, capturing what seem like moments of calculated stillness or poise, his photographs disclose a certain loneliness in a world of glamour, often isolating a single character in a sea of oblivious people with his candid lens. Settings become uncannily abstracted by a cropped frame or the pageantry of the various Fashion Week locations, chronicling a world where everyone is in the public eye all the time – and they love it.


Landon’s photographs show a great technique and represent an artistic delight, teamed with a piquant wit and deft handling of the lens. In his world of polished revelry, the American photographer fondly captures the louche, the lofty, and the ludicrous. We caught up with him to hear a bit about his process**.


Out of Fashion is available now; visit the site now to purchase a copy hand signed by Landon.