This Sleek Digital Camera Takes Us Back To A Simpler Time

“All of our products are designed to create connection and interaction between products and users”, says Calvin Sio, founder of Hyle Design, the design company founded by Calvin in 2014 to put his native Macau on the map for something other than its many casinos. Kyle Design’s most recent project is a camera – introduced on Kickstarter – one that takes the experience-capturing nature of photography and makes it a personal, lasting experience.

With the CROZ camera, Calvin’s twist is not only to simplify the design – removing the digital screen, streamlining the body – but to throw back to simpler technological ages, offering smooth wooden casings and brass fixings. There result is a tactile experience, an object of fascination in its own right, with which the user is encouraged to share a more emotional bond than that we have (or don’t) with our iPhone lenses.


We had a chat with Calvin to hear about the inspiration behind his CROZ camera as well as the design process.

TP: What sort of responses did you get from the crowd funding campaign?
We have received a lot of positive feedback from around the globe, which is very touching and encouraging for me as a designer, as it shows appreciation of and reward for our persistent efforts in creating greater experiences.


The Plus: Would you return to analogue photography, if you could?
Calvin Sio:
Back in the day of film photography users would be bursting with excitement for the hidden gems that are concealed in photography. You never worried about imperfect shots in each capture. And nothing was ever more exciting than waiting for the freshly developed film prints, and being surprised by the fantastic and unexpected results.


TP: What is one modern phenomenon you think we could do without?
Nowadays, electronic products are inseparable from modern society; they have become a mainstream dependence in daily life. However, somehow we need to ask: can we really see what the real world is like through an “electronic world” built using complex technology? When I’m brainstorming new products I always consider this question.


TP: How do you think Instagram has changed the way people enjoy photography, if at all?
I think the wonderful feature of Instagram is inviting users to share mutual experiences; you can follow people around the world to understand their lives and culture using the platform.
At the same time, we can share our own point of view with the world, no matter whether you’re the one photographing or simply enjoying the work of others, all we wish to capture or appreciate is the authentic and unique moment, the quality or structure. Whether the photos are good enough is not the point.


TP: Is there a way in which you’d like to develop this product further?
In the future customization will be offered in the CROZ collection. Through our website users will be able to design their own CROZ camera; gadgets in different colours will be offered and users will be able to have their name engraved. In that way everyone can enjoy the fun of designing their own CROZ camera and exploring endless combinations of materials and covers.