This Music Video Is Unlike Anything We’ve Seen And Is Completely Mesmerising

Sibling rivalry is common, what is perhaps less common is creating a spectacularly suggestive and clever music video with your family member. From a young age, Karolina Bajda, was captivated by her brothers musical prowess and now 25 the two have collaborated on the Nature Boy video. Using Karolina’s photography and videography skills and Bart’s (or Baydog as he is known) musical styling’s.

“When Bart played me the song I could image a theatre of limbs dancing behind a classical red velvet curtain,” Karolina explains, “I thought this would tie up with the retro feel of the track.” The result is a sensual illusion, a decadent display of bodies and basic moves intertwined into something creatively complex.

The fine art photography graduate talks to us below about inspiration and the creative process.


The Plus: How did the collaboration between you and Baydog begin?
Karolina Bajda:
It began on the 25th of February 1991 when I became his younger sister. I remember always wanting to get in to his room and hang out but 10 years difference didn’t really allow me until I was in my teens and he started introducing me to his world of music.
The actual collaboration started when I moved to London to study photography and he was already here working and making music. It only made sense to join the forces and help each other out.


TP: What inspired the idea for the video?
My main inspiration was a photo I took ages ago of my friend from behind an old shower curtain. The only thing you can see is her arm peaking out in a gesture that’s not completely clear and since we can’t see her face the attention fixes on the body language. 


TP: What was the creative process for shooting it?
It was mainly working with two of my friends that are dance choreographers and the group of dancers they directed to control the movement within the curtain. Two days of shooting was an intense dance move brainstorm with the same song on repeat for 8 hours.


TP: What was the brief you gave to the models featured?
I sent out a moodboard with my inspirations and an interpretation of the song which then followed by me trying to act out some parts on set. Lucky enough I got to work with some amazing people that got what I meant instantly. 

TP: Sum up the video in 3 words.
Slow, suggestive and unclear

TP: How do you want to the viewer to feel as they watch?
I want to excite and confuse.


TP: The song will be recognised from Moulin Rouge – did you want to draw on this or stay away from it?
I didn’t actually realise that until my friend pointed it out recently. I knew it was a jazz classic and that’s why I was being careful with not overdoing it with the visuals. Maybe somewhere at the back of my brain there was a reference to a film but more likely the red room from Twin Peaks than Moulin Rouge.


TP: What’s next for you?
I really would like to sit down and update my work with all the projects I’ve done for the past year but didn’t bother sharing. Since my main focus was primarily photography it would be great to develop more of an understanding of moving image and maybe work with more musicians in future?