These Quotes And Phrase Illustrated Designs Are The Original Slogan Artwork

The world has gone slogan mad – you can’t walk down a high street without seeing them plastered across people and posters alike. For Andrew Chen though, a caffeine addict and designer from New York, this is nothing new. He has been working on his ongoing series of illustration quotes since July 2016 and has currently shared over 360 of them on his Instagram page.


His passion to inspire success in others, as well as his quirky sense of humour, is clear from his choice of inspirational quotes and phrases. Although these are coupled with non-sensical comments and words which, out of context, have little meaning. Andrew says he finds his quotes in, “song lyrics, quotes I stumble upon, ideas that come to mind. I try to stay inspired by the world around me, and I’m always keep my mind open in case I find something I want to illustrate.”


We caught up with Andrew to discuss his designs and life as a freelancer.

The Plus: Why did you start this series of illustrated quotes?
Andrew Chen:
As a designer, I spend a lot of time doing client work and tend to neglect working on personal development and drawing for fun.
In July 2015 I realised I couldn’t remember the last time I’d actually worked on an illustration, so I decided to take a 365 series challenge to help motivate me to keep working on my craft.


TP: How personal are the images to you? Do they reflect your daily mood, life events etc?
It’s a mix. Some days the illustrations really reflect something I’m going through or act as a catharsis for me, other times it’s just something that amuses me.

TP: How long does each image take you?
It varies, some of the pieces have taken me up to 8 hours, others I finish in minutes.


TP: Is this a one image a day project – if so, why did you decide to take this on and what have been the challenges you have come across so far?
The 365 challenge was supposed to be 1 image a day for a year, but at this point, I’ve just made it my goal to get through 365 no matter how long it takes.
The biggest challenge at this point has been really making the time to stay consistent. With a job, freelance and running multiple businesses, its hard to find time, but I try to make it a priority.


TP: You keep your colour choices very simple and mainly use black and white – why?
: I try to keep my colour palette fairly minimal, 1-2 colours usually and I try to look at my feed as a whole and allow the pieces to work together. And to be totally honest, with trying to put out this series as regularly as possible, it just helps me to keep things simple.


TP: You are the co-founder of two companies as well as a freelance designer and illustrator, how do you balance everything?
I also work a full-time job. Honestly, I’m a huge productivity nerd. I use the GTD (Getting Things Done) method to manage my life and I honestly give that all the credit for why I haven’t gone completely insane.
I’m fairly ambitious and do tend to be a little bit of a workaholic, so I find that my bigger challenge is pumping the brakes and just living life.


TP: Some of the images relate to your personal life – how do you think art can be therapeutic/help us process things?
There definitely is something therapeutic for me when I pick up the pencil. I feel like having a way to process something without having to speak or use words allows me to get into a different state of mind.


TP: What is next for you?
With my recent move, I’m really just trying to get settled and figure out what’s next. I’m going to continue designing, illustrating and taking on new freelance projects.
I’m considering writing/blogging as well and developing some products and resources for other designers and entrepreneurs.