This 3D House Design Takes Advantage Of Norway’s Views And A Friday Afternoon Project

Even if you love your job, it’s important to take a break – to divert from our daily routines, to shake up our creativity and see things from a different perspective. Sometimes you just return feeling refreshed and sometimes, you design a 3D Triangle Cliff house of dreams.


This is exactly what Matthias Arndt, founder of visualization studio, Lichtecht, did when he gave himself, and his entire company, every Friday afternoon off to work on their own design projects. “The goal was to design your own house and create the surrounding environment in 3D”, he told us when we caught up with him. Day-to-day, Matthias and his team create animated films and interactive presentations among other things, but for a few hours each week, he would sit back and work on his ‘dream house’.


Triangle Cliff House, or the ‘A-frame house’ perches on the edge of a fictional cliff, a river winding through the rock face far below, and offers panoramic views over the mountainous landscape of Norway. Isolated in setting and with the light fog of the mountains encircling it, the house has a slightly uncanny feel to it. It’s use of concrete and floor-to-ceiling windows at the edge of the rock face, though visually interesting and purposeful in their positioning, add to the ‘chilly’ feel of the house.


Matthias himself comments that though he would love to spend time here on a holiday, he would miss the city after a while, and this sense of isolation is reflected in the slightly sterile exterior. However, inside the house, the vibe is completely different – though minimalistic in style, the rooms feel warm and cosy – a soft haven in the midst of hard surfaces. Glass, metal, wood and concrete offer a clean aesthetic but seem to subvert the sharp exterior – with the A-line walls adding an air of ‘English country cottage’.


A fortress and a den, a quaint hideaway and a reinforced stronghold – if this is what comes of a Friday afternoon break, we think we should all take more of them! We used ours to catch up with the architect behind the make-believe structure.

The Plus: Can you explain a bit about why you designed this project in the first place?
Matthias Arndt:
In order to break the daily routine, to take a different look at things and to try something new, we have launched a free Lichtecht project. Eight weeks, every Friday afternoon, there was time to work on the project.


TP: How did you come up with the concept for Triangle Cliff House?
I always want to create a house like this, you can call it triangle or a-frame. I always want to go to Norway for holidays and this is my ideal view on it.

TP: What materials does it use?
concrete, wood, glass and metall.


TP: Does it have any special features you can tell us about?
Maybe the glass front in the living/dining/cooking area.

TP: Sum up Triangle Cliff House in three words.
silence, relaxing, seclusion.


TP: Would you like to live in the Triangle Cliff House? Why?
temporarily, for a holiday or a relaxing weekend maybe. After some time I think I would miss the city… 🙂


TP: What software did you use?
Autodesk 3ds Max 2015, VRay from Chaosgroup, Forestpack from iToo software and for postproduction Adobe Photoshop CC.


TP: Tell us a bit about yourself.
I am the founder and CEO of Lichtecht, I grow up at the Baltic sea, after school I studied architecture in Berlin, after my studies I went to Hamburg and work for an architecture and a visualization company for a short time and after this I founded my own visualization studio. I´m interested in architecture and design, music and sports, especially football.