This Photographer Captures The Perspectives, And The Poignancy, Of The Moment

Self-taught fine art photographer, Mikko Lagerstedt, likes to capture the emotion of place through his lens. His photo’s are simple yet they capture a myriad of complex emotions that we all feel toward a universe that we hardly understand accept in our surface knowledge of it’s beauty.

Invisible by Day 1
Invisible by Day 3
Invisible by Day 5

From romantic to eerie, Mikko’s photographs wrap the world, and the viewer, up in a dream as we cross oceans together. From the fog rising over the field to the pink hue’s cast over a star-scattered sky by the moon, we feel we are privy to a world unseen; an ‘other world perhaps, one more ethereal then we have allowed ourselves to see in our hurry to live our lives at punishing pace.

“I like to create visually, and emotionally captivating pictures and my goal is to capture the feeling I had when I took the photograph”, Mikko says of his work and he surely achieves it. Each of his series are title with one word – that both defines and leaves it open to interpretation – from ‘n I g h t’ to ‘ e d g e’ – he invites us to squint through his lens and soak up the emotion but he does not dictate how these then resonate with us.

Invisible by Day 2

Whether we are watching the sun rise through the trees of a Finnish forest or wandering, solo, through the snow-trodden landscapes of Helsinki we are totally at the mercy of Mikko and his eye for natural detail and atmosphere. Yet instead of leaving us isolated and afraid, he chooses to guide us – hand-in-hand – through the world, directing our attention toward that which we often forget in the wake of our emotions.

Invisible by Day 4
Invisible by Day 6
Invisible by Day 7
Invisible by Day 8
Invisible by Day 9