This Snappy New Bike Hanger Design Is A Cyclist’s New Best Friend

As a successful Creative Director at an integrated advertising agency, Jon Taylor, still felt he had not yet fully explored his passion for 3D product design. So he took time out, to retrace the road of artists and designers who had long inspired him and to see what could come of it. What did come out of it was the Cactus Tongue – a double pronged hanger that signals the end of cluttered hallways and stumbling over doorways.


The design began as surfboard storage, combining Jon’s two passions; design and surfing, however, “necessity being the mother of invention” it soon evolved into bike storage. Manufactured in Great Britain and made of stainless steel and hand-stitched leather, the hangers are strong and timeless and do not look out of place in the home even when the bike is in use.

Jon has ensured that the design is easy to install, using a simple keyhole slot system and is equally as stress-free to remove: mirroring cycling itself: carefree and unpretentious. “The bicycle is a beautiful machine,” Jon explains, “we make it easier to live amongst them and to show them off with stunning design-led storage products”.


We spoke to Jon about cycling, cacti and why now is the perfect time for this design.

The Plus: How did the idea for the Cactus Tongue come about?
Jon Taylor:
The idea for Cactus Tongue came about as a natural development from my first design, Stikup, a storage display design for surfboards. Cycling like surfing is very design led and the kit we use, surfboards and bikes are beautiful objects, to many of us they are more than just tools, they are our pride and joy, holding many memories and symbolising who we are. Beautiful bikes deserve beautiful bike hangers.


TP: Why the name?
The idea came while designing the first prototype. A flat cardboard pattern was required and as it lay on the studio table, the shape was reminiscent of a giant Saguaro cactus from the Sonoran Desert. Then, in curving the arms to hold the bike, they looked rather like tongues…. a cactus with tongues! At that moment, the name was created – Cactus Tongue.


TP: Where is the strangest place you have tested out the design?
Trade shows are a great testing ground for bike hangers as the space is usually limited without much wall space, we have used them in a shipping container to see how many we could fit into a small space as well as using them at a glamping site in Cornwall.


TP: How easy is it to find a balance between function and beauty – both in this design and in other projects you have worked on?
The balance between function and beauty is equally as important. If I was asked to just make something look pretty I couldn’t do it, design is all about improving and making our lives easier as well as being easy on the eye.


TP: Why is now the perfect time for Cactus Tongue?
Urban cycling is rapidly growing, with cycle to work schemes and improved cycling safety in our cities. With space so limited and this huge growth in cycling, people are having to ‘live’ with their bikes.
We are also proud to be part of the Design Museum London’s Cycle Revolution exhibition where Cactus Tongue is used to display over 30 bikes from fixies, Bromptons and even cargo bikes. The exhibition runs until 30 June 2016 followed by a worldwide tour.


TP: What do you love about cycling?
Cycling just like surfing takes me back to my childhood, it is a such pleasurable activity, giving you the feel-good factor with the added by-product of better health a fitness, it’s a win win scenario.

TP: What’s next?
I am currently developing 2 new cycling storage products and am busy with prototypes and testing.