This 15-part Animated Series Subverts The Concept Of Make Believe In The Video Game World

Similar to the way a doll in adulthood takes on an altogether uncanny meaning – childhood memories and playful companions clash with cold, unfeeling eyes that bore into your grown soul. This feeling of what was once so familiar, warm and innocent becoming subverted in our elder years is one very present in RiFF Animation Studio’s new 15-part animated series, Bloody Bunny.

In horror video game style, the fluffy tails and eager expressions are gone replaced with menacing eyes and stitched seams worn like tribal marks, as we watch the bunny, amongst other characters, navigate a stony labyrinth unmanned by controller and seemingly freed from the mercy of the ‘off’ switch.

Located in Bangkok, RiFF Animation studio’s no stranger to character animation, although this latest project proved slightly tricky: “We had to make a 2D character design into 3D version and then make it look 2D in 3D software”, they explained when we caught up with them recently.


As the story plays out and we watch a distorted humanity in the grips of evil living dolls – the use of toys within the context of tyranny feels incongruous and erroneous – a reflection of the atmosphere within the video. Nothing is as it seems, we are unsure who to trust – the possibilities, given the fictional futuristic tense, are endless.


We spoke to RiFF Animation Studio about the inspiration behind the video and we can expect from the upcoming episodes – stay tuned.

The Plus: What inspired the concept behind the video?
RiFF Animation Studio:
The story Inspired by a character own by our client 2spot studio and this is a collaboration work between Riff and 2spot. The story behind Bloody Bunny is that, in the future, the world belongs to dolls. Humanity is enslaved and transformed to living dolls by the evil
doll organization. One girl tries to rescue her sister but fails…it all begins here.


TP: During the video we see from various different viewpoints – including one where it feels that we are controlling a character in a game – why did you decide on this?
There is Episode 02 “AWAKEN” – we want our audience to see what Bloody bunny sees at first and then reveal at the end that the girl has already transformed into Bunny form


TP: Why did you decide on 15 episodes and what can we expect from future episodes?
We wanted to keep Dark Rabbit a mysterious character, both of them may live or die or maybe turn back to be human one day. Only the writer knows. But yes we plan to do a longer version of Bloody bunny – maybe 10 minutes per episode and with dialogue.


TP: What is your favourite part of the video? Why?
The Dark Rabbit part because he is badass and powerful

TP: What’s next for you?
We currently create our own story and character hoping to show the world next year. And also some collaboration work again with our friends around the world.


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