Award Winning Photographer, Ekaterina Busygina, Talks Us Through Her Love Of Structures And Standpoints

For Ekaterina Busygina architecture is a reflection of character, the aspirations of a person manifested in structure. Her latest series, Kaleidoscope on the 8 Hills, and those that come before it approach architecture from an abstract perspective, honing in on the way the geometry of a building interacts with those around it and the sky above it.


With works previously published in Vogue Italia, shown on billboards around Times Square and awarded The Fifth Annual Exposure Photography Award at the Louvre Museum, Ekaterina seems to be changing the way the world sees architecture one photo at a time. When we spoke to her she explained, “architecture for me as a guiding star. At the beginning, I draw attention to the architecture of a city. Then I try to get acquainted with the culture of the country, learn the language of the people living there”.

Her photography is not a means to an end, a way of showing an exterior to the world, closing the book and moving on, but rather an introduction. Much like a first meeting, we can’t take everything in and so Ekaterina breaks it down for us, guides our eye to the way the light glints on the glass or the way the sky protrudes through a collection of skyscrapers.


We spoke to her to find out more about how humanity and culture are so inextricably entwined with architecture.

The Plus: How did you first get into architecture photography?
Ekaterina Busygina:
It was my first visit to Shanghai. It was so futuristic, unbelievable, like a city from the novels of the future came to life before my eyes, surrounded by green parks, stretching for many kilometers, how many have enough sight. Watching all this magnificence it was impossible not to start thinking about architectural photography. So it all started.


TP: What do you find so fascinating about the geometry of architecture?
I am inspired by the architecture and design in all its forms and manifestations. For me, architecture is a reflection of character and aspirations of a person, and that’s why it is so attractive. Currently it is my way to explore humanity and the world.

TP: Which city has the best architecture? Why?
Each city is unique and amazing in its own way, it is not possible to say what city has the best architecture. In each city you will be able to find something special that reflects the character of this town and the people.

My new photo series “Kaleidoscope on the 8 hills” is about Hong Kong. The quaint city of skyscrapers, a mazes reflections. He is always new and never stops to amaze, it gives a new look, gives new perspectives. This city is always in a hurry and these skyscrapers are silent guards, which are turned to the sky, but by staying for a second and then lifting the sight up, you’ll see in the sun another world – a world of slender geometry, architectural harmony, in its pure perfection.


TP: What has been your favourite building to photograph so far?
When you are photographing a building, you get acquainted with him, to know him, comprehend his essence. There is a sense of involvement and only so it turns out the special frame. So, every building that i photographed is my favorite.

TP: Do you do edit the photos in any way?
The corrections are minimal, such as make it more contrast or edit colour, depending on the idea.


TP: Tell us about yourself – what is your background? what else do you do?
I’m an architectural photographer. My architectural works were published in Vogue Italia. Selected for the One Eyeland Gallery. From 2013 my interior and architectural photos were shown in Chashama and SeeMe Exhibition Spaces, on billboards in Times Square and on the contemporary art fair Art Basel Miami. In 2015 my architectural photos were selected for The Fifth Annual Exposure Photography Award at the Louvre Museum. Besides, my work was selected as one of 24 Featured Creators at The Final Show SEE Me | SCOPE Art Miami in 2015. In 2016 Photo Magazine 攝影雜誌 , a leading photographic magazine in Hong Kong, has published a review of my series of photos from Streets of Hong Kong.

Architecture for me as a guiding star. At the beginning, I draw attention to the architecture of a city. Then I try to get acquainted with the culture of the country, learn the language of the people living there. At the moment I study Chinese.


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