The Hilarious Animated Series That Forces Us To Rethink The Way We Use Language

Deviating from her degree in Industrial Art, Israeli artist Keren Rosen, has created a fascinatingly funny series of animations focused on food, daily objects and word play. The colourful collection, Word Game, breathes life into our favourite foods and phrases in an inventive, playful yet, very clever, way.


From a skateboarding cucumber to a candy vending machine filled with eyeballs, The Tel-Aviv based freelance designer and illustrator turns some of our most over-used, and at times nonsensical, phrases into literal illustrations. Sometimes language becomes so ingrained in us that we spew out idioms without really pausing to think about their real meaning. Whimsical and incredibly humorous, Kerens illustrations force us to re-think our dialect and question the origin of things – like why on earth we refer to ourselves as ‘under the weather’.


We spoke to the designer about everything food, art and animation.

The Plus: How did this series come about?
Keren Rosen:
I was working on another project, illustrating dogs, and I googled images of dogs and other house pets which gave me the idea to combine houses with dogs to create an illustration titled “house pets” for my blog. This was I guess my first pun illustration. From there I just started thinking of other phrases and words which I could play with in my illustrations. It was a fun thinking exercise and what I thought at that time would be a small personal project:).


TP: What software did you use to create each image and how long did each one take to complete?
I usually mix hand drawing with digital media. I do most of the illustration by hand and at the final stage add the color and extra effects with adobe photoshop.

TP: What do you think the connection is between food and art?
I just love illustrating food. If you look at food you can see that it has so much character even before adding a face and you can usually build or tell a story very easily using food elements.


TP: Which is your favourite animation in the series and why?
It’s hard for me to pick one pun illustration that I like more, but if I have to I pick I would choose
‘ Jam Session’. I like how the original meaning of the phrase and the literal interpretation I chose are very different.

TP: What three words would you use to sum up the series?
Happy, Humoristic, Colorful.


TP: What is it you enjoy most about animation?
Illustrating can many times be very meditative for me and I can find myself losing track of time while working.

TP: Is there a form of art you would like to try your hand at but haven’t done so yet?
Yes, I would love to do an art project in which I combine electronic elements, such as various sensors.

TP: What’s next?
I am working on two new projects that I will be sure to share once there is something to see :).
At the same time I am also trying to find a publishing house that will publish a book with a collection of the idiom series.