This Illustrator Has Remixed Our Favourite Disney Characters With The Cult Films Of Our Adulthood

Perhaps one of the saddest parts of growing up is leaving the Disney characters behind, accepting that the Cinderella’s and knight’s in shining armour of our youths can’t follow us into adulthood. Well, why? Says artist and animation graduate, Isaiah Stephens, whose Instagram account of Disney mash-ups has garnered quite a following.


Witty, endearing and completely believable, Isaiah’s artwork merges recognize animate faces with scenes from cult films to create something both humorous and magical. Using iconic scenes from The Wolf Of Wall Street and The Notebook, to name just a few, he adjusts the cast list a little to give a new depth to the childhood stars. They seem to say to us, ‘why stop dreaming?’.

As if the character have grown up with them, as if the ‘happily ever after’ didn’t end the story and we are privy to the real up’s and down’s of marriage long after the Disney credits roll. “I’m a kid at heart, and a 90’s kid at that, so what I love about Disney is what I love about most of my childhood influences. They inspire me and create so much nostalgia”, the artist, who has been drawing since the was five-years-old, told us, “for me, they are a never ending pool of inspiration, wisdom and creativity”.


One day, Isaiah hopes to open his own animation studio to bring his, ‘crazy ideas’ and those of other artists, to life but for now, he’s working on his first web series. We caught up with the mash-up master to find out more.

The Plus: What first inspired you to create the Disney images?
Isaiah Stephens:
I did my first Disney mashup about 3 years ago, Disney Halloween! I wanted to dress Disney characters up for Halloween as characters who I thought they would be fans of if they lived in the real world! Those were both very fun to draw and brainstorm! You can see those here:


TP: How do you think animation and film connect?
Animation and film aren’t only connected, they’re the same! Ways of telling stories visually! I think that animation allows a bit more creative freedom in terms of viewers being able to suspend disbelief and letting you truly appreciate the story being told. I love animation.

TP: What can be learnt by crossing two genres?
My favorite two words are “What if…” 90% of the work I do for fun stars with a what if. Crossing two different worlds into each other can open up so many wild scenarios and opportunities. Either ridiculous, heartwarming, or hilarious the results are always fun to see. Sometimes you discover that stories that seem NOTHING alike have A LOT in common.


TP: How would you sum up your Disney series?
I would sum up my Disney series as Fun! That’s what I try to make them emote. I want people to look at my illustrations and smile.

TP: How do you choose the film scenes you are going to use?
For the past year, I’ve been doing my Disney mashups through! They’ve come up with really fun ideas to illustrate and I do my best to bring them to life.


TP: What is the creative process when producing a new piece?
My creative process is very simple. List. Sketch. Draw. Finalize!
First, I write down a list of everything that I need do draw for a piece/series. I then sketch out thumbnails until I create a design I’m happy with. Once the sketch is done, I draw and color the piece/pieces until they’re ready for clean up. And then I finalize them for publishing!

TP: What’s next for you?
Right now, I’m working on a DREAM PROJECT of my own. My first web series! “Blood Reign: The Black Dinner” is an animated murder mystery web series about ten princesses who find that their bloodlines might not be as righteous as they’ve come to believe, and someone has showed up to make them pay for their ancestors misgivings.