A Breath-taking Short Film Exposing The Beating Heart Of Sri Lanka


“Wonderful, unique, captivating” – this is how videographer, Danny Schäfer, describes his time in Sri Lanka. Incidentally, it is also how we would describe the short film he created after visiting the country.

Usually, Danny can be found behind the lens at weddings, but with this latest creation, the journey and the experiences were purely personal – even though Danny arrived in Sri Lanka for work. Armed with a Sony a7s 2 and a steady hand, he made his way around this breath-taking country – it’s rocky coastlines, weaving through its wildlife, it’s landscape and it’s humanity.

Yet this breath-taking film is more than the documentation of a holiday, it is a poignant yet happy insight into the beating heart. Into daily simple tasks, local customs and the wide smiles of those who call it home. The scenes are rich and varied, switching from silent sunsets – painting a palette of pinks and purples across the sky – to monkeys swinging through the dense tree canopy.


From bright colours and bustling train platforms contrast with endless trees and mountain tips which only end when they reach the sky, Danny strings the short shots together in such a way that you are swept up into the rich culture. You are totally immersed, you need to take a breath once it is over, before watch it again. We connect with people we’ve never, and probably will never, meet and this, is the true art of filmmaking.


We spoke to Danny about the film, the country and his day job.

The Plus: How did this film come about?
Danny schäfer:
We were in Sri Lanka for a wedding shoot and we were always on the road. I always had my camera case it was logical for me that I all movies.
The country is so amazing! The people! The food! Everything is just fantastic. When I was at home then I had so much material to cut a film.
I never thought that my video is causing so a look up, that was never my thought on this great journey. Yet I am to make others happy so now people happy.


TP: What equipment did you use and how did you edit the film?
I use my new Sony a7s 2, dji Osmo and my lovely Dji Phantom Professional 3.
I cut the video with finalcut pro x and make all the colour with colour finale. It took me three days I think to finish it. I had the already rotating in Sri Lanka has an idea so I had it at the end only implement with the right sound design.


TP: What was your favourite thing about Sri Lanka?
my favourite? Ella and the big, big New Year party AND the people! I have rarely seen such a nice and dear village folk from any they came to party only together

TP: There is a real focus on people, and humanity in the film. Do you prefer to shoot people than landscapes?
I find the landscape super! But the people have touched me more. They are so lucky with what they have! It was like a magic! It was taken up super good everywhere and immediately felt welcome
The landscape is also great! but of which there are already watching too much. I wanted to show something new. Landscapes there were too many times.


TP: As a videographer, how do you feel this changes the way you travel?
it’s my job and I love to travel, it changes only the one with another eye sees everything. You just always the camera case and want to experience a lot. Otherwise everything is as in others


TP: You do a mixture of different projects – what is your favourite type of project and why?
My main job is to film weddings If I then, the traveling can connect to the other I have everything I want. Sri Lanka is my favourite projects; in those two weeks we turned clients into friends and saw more than could ever be described.


TP: Tell us about yourself – what is your background?
I have a company with my girlfriend Katja Hoppe (photographer). We have a company called, PRETTY MOMENTS, and we travel around the world to capture honeymoon pictures, after the wedding shots and the actual event itself. We love to travel and we love the art of photography. I have been filming for three years now and I am never without my camera.