The Home Which Takes One Day To Assemble And Can Travel The World With You

Housing – it seems to be on everyone’s minds, and lips, at the moment. Where can we afford to live? Where would we like to live? How long for? Of course, traditional housing requires you to find answers for these questions; to settle for a particular spot and invest in it. But the world is a vast, expensive, place – and we don’t want to be tied down to the same view for years-and-years.

Wikkelhuis - Fiction Factory

Enter, the Wikkel House, the latest ingenious creation from Amsterdam collective, Fiction Factory. A breakthrough in both design and lifestyle, the house takes just one day to build and can be place anywhere.

Wikkelhuis - Fiction Factory foto en © Yvonne Witte
Wikkelhouse By Fiction FactoryPicture & © Yvonne Witte

Meaning Wrap House in Dutch, the layered cardboard (yes, cardboard) structure can be interlocked with several of the 500kg structures to create larger spaces to live, or work, in. The space is light, airy and totally waterproof due to the 24-layers of corrugated cardboard and wooden finish that are also completely recyclable.

With a lifespan of about 50-years, the Wikkel House is built to adapt: as we grow as people, and families, change our dreams and achieve our goals, the structure can be extended or downsized – placed in the middle of a field away from the hustle and bustle of the city or used as a weekend retreat when a hotel seems like too great an expense.

Wikkelhouse By Fiction Factory Picture & © Yvonne Witte

We spoke to the people behind the Wikkel House about the possibilities of living, of cardboard and of creating a home.

The Plus: Why do you think now is the most opportune time for the Wikkel House?
People are looking for new ways to live & recreate, focussing on flexibility, sustainability and self-determination. Wikkel House adapts to whatever you want it to be (and where ever, since Wikkel House is also easy to transport).

Wikkelhuis - Fiction FactoryFoto en © Yvonne Witte

TP: How much can be changed in the design of the house to personalize it?
You can make your Wikkel House as big as you want, but one segment is always 5m2 (L4.5m / W1.2m / H 3.5m). There is no limit to the number of segments you want to connect. A Wikkel House can have 8 segments, 5, 12, 20 etc. You can choose a glass facade or closed, and the segments can be connected next to as well as behind each other. Regarding the interior, you can choose any colour or furniture. Wikkel House can be used as your home, an office space, a holiday house, fair stand, etc.


TP: How does the cardboard structure work?
We use standard corrugated cardboard and wrap 24 layers around a house-shaped mould. By doing this we create a sandwich structure that arranges both isolation as the structural strength of the house.
After wrapping the 24 layers of cardboard we wrap each segment in a waterproof but breathable foil (you can compare it to breathable rain clothing). This foil makes sure the cardboard doesn’t get soaked during rain but any moisture in the cardboard can always go out.
By binding the 5m2 segments together and connecting them to the foundation (made of 2 concrete slabs and 3 wooden beams) the house stays solid on the ground, not hindered by wind etc. The foundation is not fixated to the ground but free standing, making the house flexible to move if needed.


TP: What three words would you use to describe the Wikkel House?
Modular, sustainable, flexible

TP: What are your plans for the Wikkel House in the future?
We value quality over quantity and rather build fewer houses tailor-made than expand to mass production or new markets at this stage. But who knows what the future will bring.