A Clear Visual Representation Of A World Wide Problem


One in three people around the world suffer from insomnia and visual arts student, Eunsung Do, is one of them. So when it came to creating a video for a final year project she felt it was the perfect opportunity to share a theory from, The School of Life, textbook she had read and hopefully help others in her situation. “It was comforting,” she told us when we spoke to her, “I wanted to share what I had experienced.”

The black and white animated video, Insomnia and Philosphy, is quirky and light-hearted in dealing with such a heavy topic. The voiceover is fast yet the graphics have a timeless quality to them, they are fast and slow at the same time, the tick of the clock seems to almost slow down at times.

Before designing any of the visuals, Eunsung read the text several times and then used a short storyboard to shrink the ideas down into a digestible chunk. “The storyboard mostly focused on using visual metaphors to illustrate what was being said”, Eunsung explained, “for example, I used tangled lines for ‘panic’.”


The Korean born animator believes that animation is equally as important as words when trying to make sense of their world. “Animation helps people to understand a story better”, language changes but graphics don’t. Images can be universally understood, they often need no explanation and they paint a picture even for those who have a hard time visualising things.

“I want to be a creative designer who does the animation. And I hope I could make many works that inspire people in the future.” Keep your eyes out for the aspiring animator, we are certain she will go on to do big things.